20KW Silent Diesel Generator for RV Retrofit

Oct. 20, 2021

20KW silent diesel generator for RV retrofit: What are the key points to ensure the normal operation of the generator set?


1. Pay attention to observe the working status during operation. During the work of the generator set, there must be a dedicated person on duty, and always pay attention to a series of possible failures, especially the changes in important factors such as oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature, voltage, and frequency. In addition, pay attention to having enough. If the fuel is interrupted during operation, it will objectively cause the load to stop, which may cause damage to the generator excitation control system and related components.


2. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine with load. Before starting the generator, pay attention that the output air switch of the generator must be in the off state. After the ordinary generator set is started, it needs to go through idling operation for 3-5 minutes (about 700 rpm) in winter, and the temperature is low in winter, so the idling operation time should be appropriately extended for a few minutes. After the machine is started, observe whether the oil pressure is normal and whether there are any abnormalities such as oil leakage or water leakage. (Under normal circumstances, the oil pressure must be above 0.2MPa). If any abnormality is found, immediately shut down for maintenance. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, the speed of the machine is increased to the rated speed of 1500 rpm. At this time, the generator displays a frequency of 50HZ and a voltage of 400V, and the output air switch can be closed and put into use. The generator set is not allowed to run without load for a long time. (Because long-term no-load operation will cause the incomplete combustion of the fuel injectors to cause carbon deposits, causing valve and piston ring leaks.) If it is an automated generator set, idling operation is not required, because the automated generator set is generally equipped. The water heater keeps the cylinder body at about 45 ° C all the time, and the machine can be powered normally within 8-15 seconds after starting.


3. Preparation before starting. Every time before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether the cooling water or antifreeze in the water tank of the machine is sufficient, and fill it up if it is lacking. Pull out the oil dipstick to check whether the lubricating oil is missing. If it is missing, add it to the specified "static full" scale. Then carefully check the relevant components for hidden troubles. If any malfunctions are found, remove them in time before starting the machine.


4.It is strictly forbidden to stop with load. Before stopping each time, the load must be cut off gradually, and then the output air switch of the generator set must be turned off, and then the engine will be decelerated to idle speed for about 3-5 minutes before stopping.


20kw permanent magnet diesel generator TO22000ET parameters:

Model: TO22000ET

Generator parameters:

1. Rated power: 20KW

2. Standby power: 22KW

3. Rated frequency: 50HZ

4. Rated voltage: 220/380V

5. Starting method: electric start

6. Mechanism type: silent type

7. Power factor: 0.8/1.0

8. Number of phases: single/three phase

9. Motor type: permanent magnet motor

Engine parameters:

1. Engine type: small power

2. Engine model: YOTO2200

3. Cooling method: water cooling

4. Rated speed: 1500r/min

5. Cylinder structure: direct injection, four-cylinder, in-line, water-cooled

6. Combustion system: direct injection

7. Air intake mode: turbocharged

8. Insulation class: H class

9. Speed regulation method: mechanical speed regulation

10. Silencer: industrial silencer

11. Fuel tank capacity: 50L

12. Engine oil type: SAE 10W30 (or CD)

13.Fuel type: 0#, -10#

14. Generator speed: 1500r/min

15. Engine oil type: SAE 10W30 (or CD)

Machine parameters:

1. Fuel gauge: Yes

2. Voltmeter: Yes

3. Output indicator: Yes

4. Overload protection: Yes

5. Oil control device: Yes

6. Machine fuel consumption: 200g/kw.h (full load)

7. Working hours: 8-12H

8. Noise level: 68-75db

9. Machine weight: 550/680kg

10. Dimensions: 1450*865*1205mm

11. After-sales service: Daze original, nationwide warranty

Random Accessories:

1. Instruction manual, warranty card, certificate of conformity, connection line, random gadgets, tool kit

20KW Silent Diesel Generator for RV Retrofit: Why does Silent Diesel Generator not start normally in summer

What should I do if the silent diesel generator fails to start due to the hot summer weather?

Let’s introduce the following:

What causes the silent diesel generator not to start normally? There are many reasons why the silent diesel generator cannot start normally, and the reasons why the silent diesel generator cannot start normally are as follows:

20KW Silent Diesel Generator for RV Retrofit


The starting motor is malfunctioning.

Treatment method: overhaul the starter motor.

The battery power is insufficient.

Treatment method: the battery connector is corroded or the cable connection is loose.

The circuit is not working properly.

Solution: Check the circuit of the silent diesel generator.

Poor cable connection or faulty charger or battery.

Treatment method: replace the charging control panel start circuit failure

The start circuit of the control panel is faulty.

Solution: 1. Check the circuit. 2. Charge the battery and replace the battery if necessary. 3. Check the wiring posts of the cable and tighten the nuts. 4. Check the connection between the charger and the battery. 5. Check the start/stop control circuit of the control panel.

Causes: 1. Insufficient fuel in the engine cylinder 2. Air in the fuel oil circuit 3 .Fuel filter blocked 4. The fuel system is not working properly.

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