Generator set maintenance is a very important work to ensure normal operation. Dingbo diesel generators daily maintenance and overhaul should be done by qualified engineer team.


Daily Maintenance of Diesel Genset


Every day, before starting, check the external parts of engine, as following:

1. Check cooling liquid level, oil level and fuel level.

2. Check if there is leakage in fuel system, cooling system, lubrication system or on junction surface.

3.  Check if connection and fastening of external parts and accessories are in good condition.

4. Remove oil and dust on the surface and keep the machine room clean.


After start-up

1. Check cooling liquid level, if the coolant is not enough, open the filling port and add the coolant.

2. Check the oil level.

3. Check fuel level

4. Check for "Three Leakages": No water leakage, air leakage or oil leakage on the vehicle.

5. Check the belts

6. Check if the sound of engine is normal.

7. Check if speed and vibration of engine is normal.

8. Check the sealing of intake and exhaust pipes and cylinder gasket.


50-80 hours

1. Clean the air filter and replace it if necessary.

2. Replace diesel filter, air filter and water filter.

3. Check the tension of the drive belt.

4. Add lubricating oil to all nozzles and lubricating parts.

5. Change cooling water.


250-300 hours

1. Clean the piston, piston pin, cylinder liner, piston ring and connecting rod bearing and check if they are wear.

2. Check if the inner and outer rings of the main rolling bearing are loose.

3. Clean the scale and sediment in the channel of cooling water system.

4. Clean the carbon deposit in the cylinder combustion chamber and intake and exhaust passage.

5. Check the matching wear of valve, valve seat, push rod and rocker arm, and make grinding adjustment.

6. Clean the carbon deposit on the turbocharger rotor, check the wear of bearing and impeller, and repair them if necessary.

7. Check the bolts of the coupling between the generator and diesel engine for looseness and sliding teeth. If any problem is found, repair and replace them.


500-1000 hours

1. Check and adjust the fuel injection angle.

2. Clean the fuel tank.

3. Clean the oil pan.

4. Check the atomization of the nozzle.


For your correct operation and maintenance of diesel generators, please carefully read the operation and maintenance instructions, and operate it strictly according to relevant regulations.

Maintenance Guide

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