1. Before start, diesel fuel should be enough, without fuel leakage; coolant is enough and clean; the tightness of fan belt is proper.

2. The transmission part of diesel engine and alternator should be connected reliably, the wire insulation of output line is good, and all instruments are complete and effective.

3. After start, genset should run on low speed for 3 to 5 minutes until the temperature and oil pressure are normal, then can operate.

4. There should be no abnormal noise during the speed increase of the generator. The brush on the slip ring and commutator should be in good contact, without jumping and sparking. When the operation is stable and the frequency and voltage reach the rated value, the external power supply can be provided.

5. In case of abnormal sound, peculiar smell, sharp rise of water temperature and sharp drop of oil pressure during operation, stop the genset immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.

6. Before stop, should cut off first the main switch of each power supply branch, gradually reduce the load. Then cut off the main switch of generator power supply, the excitation rheostat should be returned to the max. value of resistance to reduce the voltage to the min. value, then cut off the excitation switch and neutral grounding switch, and finally stop the diesel engine.


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