ATS of Diesel Generating Sets

Sep. 10, 2021

ATS(automatic transfer switch) is mainly used in the emergency power supply system to automatically change the load circuit from one power supply to another (standby) power supply, so as to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of important loads. Suitable for lighting and motor loads.


ATS cabinet of diesel generating set is mainly composed of control elements and circuit breakers, which can be powered on and off manually or automatically. The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, and the operator can easily master the use method. Its function can meet the needs of various users. The switch cabinet can be used for power on and power off of diesel generator set, and can also be used for other power distribution equipment. The ATS full-automatic switching cabinet system is mainly composed of ATS dual power automatic transfer switch, PC level ATS intelligent controller, air protection switch, diesel generator set starting battery full-automatic floating charger, advanced plastic spraying cabinet and relevant accessories. Although the generator manufacturer takes ATS automatic switching cabinet as an optional configuration of diesel generator set, most users choose to use it, which is convenient and worry-free.

 ATS of Diesel Generating Sets

The function of ATS full-automatic switching cabinet is to realize the full-automatic switching of two-way power supply (including commercial power and commercial power, commercial power and power generation or between power generation). The switching of two-way power supply can be realized without operators to ensure the normal power consumption requirements of users. Voltage range: 120-400VAC / 50Hz/60Hz, capacity range: 63A-6300A. Safety measures: full automatic operation, mechanical and electrical double interlocking. Shopping malls, hotels and factories that have strict requirements on power interruption time should use the city / generator automatic switching system. This system can automatically switch to the backup power supply system within 5 seconds of the power failure of the original supply system, so as to maintain the normal power supply.


Generally, ATS switch is widely used in important places where power failure is not allowed, such as high-rise buildings, communities, hospitals, airports, docks, fire fighting, metallurgy, chemical industry, textiles, etc. the most common ones are elevators, fire fighting and monitoring, as well as UPS for banks, but its backup is battery pack. It can realize the automatic conversion function and intelligent alarm function of overvoltage, undervoltage and phase loss.


Main features of ATS switch:


1.Beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, reliable quality, long service life and simple operation.


2.It is composed of two three pole or four pole molded case circuit breakers and their accessories (auxiliary and alarm contacts), mechanical interlocking transmission mechanism, intelligent controller, etc. Reliable mechanical interlocking device and electrical interlocking protection are provided between the two circuit breakers, which completely eliminates the possibility of simultaneous closing of the two circuit breakers.


3.It is divided into integral and split structures. The integral type is that the controller and the actuator are installed on the same base; The split type is that the controller is installed on the cabinet panel, the actuator is installed on the base, and the user is installed in the cabinet. The controller and the actuator are connected by about 2m long cable.


4.Double row composite contacts, transverse mechanism, micro motor pre energy storage and microelectronic control technology are adopted to basically realize zero arcing (without arc extinguishing cover).


5.Reliable mechanical interlocking and electrical interlocking technology shall be adopted.


6.Zero crossing technology is adopted. With obvious on-off position indication and padlock function, it can reliably realize the isolation between power supply and load, with high reliability and service life of more than 8000 times.


7. Electromechanical integrated design, accurate, flexible and reliable switching, good electromagnetic compatibility, strong anti-interference ability, no external interference and high degree of automation.


The above is the product introduction of ATS transfer switch. Later, we will continue to talk about the application cases of ATS automatic transfer switch in the actual project. Please continue to pay attention. 

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