Detailed Introduction to the Main Uses of Yuchai Diesel Generator Sets

Mar. 20, 2023

Diesel generator is a kind of small power generation equipment, refers to the diesel fuel, etc. as the fuel, the diesel engine as the engine to drive the generator power generation power machinery. The whole set is generally composed of diesel engine, generator, control box, fuel tank, starting and control battery, protection device, emergency cabinet and other components. It can be used in various families, offices, small, medium and large enterprises for daily power generation and emergency power generation.


Yuchai generator set is a kind of power generation equipment, its principle is through the engine burning diesel, the heat energy into mechanical energy, and then through the engine rotation drive generator cutting magnetic field, and finally produce electricity. It is used in the following five main ways.


1.Self-provided power supply. Some power units do not have network power supply, such as far from the mainland of the island, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, desert plateaus, military camps, workstations, radar stations, etc., it is necessary to configure self-powered. The so-called self-provided power, is the self-generated power, in the case of power generation is not too large, Yuchai generator sets often become the first choice for self-provided power.


2.The backup power. The main purpose is that some power units have a relatively secure and reliable supply of network power, but in order to prevent accidents, such as circuit failure or temporary power outages, can still be configured as emergency power generation, the use of power supply units generally have high requirements for power supply security, even a minute of power outages are not allowed, must be in the moment of termination of power supply network power to replace the self emergency backup power generation, otherwise it will cause big losses. Otherwise, it will cause big losses in the district. These units include some traditional high power supply units, such as hospitals, mines, power plants, security power, factories using electric heating equipment, etc.; in recent years, the network power supply has become a new growth point for standby power demand, such as telecommunications operators, banks, airports, command centers, databases, highways, high-grade hotels and offices, high-class restaurants and entertainment venues, etc., due to the use of network management, these units are increasingly become the main body of the use of backup power.

Detailed Introduction to the Main Uses of Yuchai Generator Sets


3.Alternative power supply. The role of alternative power supply is to make up for the lack of network power supply. This may have two situations, one is the high price of electricity, from the point of view of cost savings to choose Yuchai generator set as an alternative power supply; the other is in the case of insufficient supply of electricity, the use of electricity is restricted, the power supply department has no choice but to pull the switch everywhere to limit electricity, then, the power unit in order to normal production and work, you need alternative power to relief.


4. Mobile power supply. Mobile power is no fixed place of use, and be transferred everywhere to use the power generation facilities. Yuchai generator set due to its lightweight and flexible easy to operate characteristics, and become the first choice of mobile power. Mobile power is generally designed as a form of power vehicles, there are self-powered vehicles, there are also trailer power vehicles. The use of mobile power units, most of them have the nature of mobile work, such as oil fields, geological exploration, field engineering exploration, camping and picnicking, mobile command post, trains, ships, freight container power car (warehouse), the army mobile weapons and equipment power, etc. There are also some mobile power with emergency power nature, such as the city power supply department emergency power supply vehicles, water supply, gas supply department engineering rescue vehicles, repair vehicles, etc. Emergency repair vehicles, etc.


5. Fire power. Fire with Yuchai generator set is mainly for the building fire equipment and equipped with power, once the fire and other situations occur, the utility is cut off, Yuchai generator set to become the power source of fire equipment, with the fire law all over the pole, the domestic real estate fire power will have great potential for the development of a very large market.


It can be seen that the above four uses of Yuchai generator sets are generated by different stages of social development, among which, the self-provided power supply and alternative power supply are the demand for electricity because of the backward construction of power supply facilities or insufficient power supply capacity, which is the focus of market demand at the early stage of socio-economic development; while the standby power supply and mobile power supply are the demand for electricity because of the increased requirements for power supply and the expanding scope of power supply, which is the focus of market demand at the advanced stage of socio-economic development. Therefore, if we look at the market use of Yuchai generator set products from the perspective of social development, we can say that as a self-provided power supply and alternative power supply is its transitional use, while as a backup power supply and mobile power is its long-term use, especially fire power as a huge potential market demand, will be slowly released.


Dingbo Power Yuchai diesel engine set has obvious advantages in many aspects, such as fuel efficiency, handling, durability, etc. It can meet the multiple needs of users, if you are picking a diesel generator, this Yuchai diesel generator is a good choice. You would like to know more about diesel generator, welcome to contact us by email

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