Fault Phenomenon And Elimination Method Of Gas Generator Set

Mar. 21, 2022

In the process of construction on the construction site, it is often necessary to temporarily exhaust, drain, power supply, lighting, etc. these equipment are often powered by small generator sets. At present, the small power generation equipment used on the construction site is generally gasoline generator set. Due to the poor working environment, the unit is often eroded by wind, rain and dust, so the failure rate of the unit is relatively high. In practical application, the engine part is most prone to problems. Due to the obvious characteristics of gasoline, the engine also has faults. When the gasoline engine has different faults, it will cause different changes in the working state of the machine, and its sound and exhaust color will have different performance. We can diagnose the fault by listening to the sound and observing the color of the machine. In normal use, common faults and elimination methods mainly include the following.

gas generator set

1Device inoperativeThe air switch is not open; Poor contact of output terminal; Failure of electrical equipment.Open the air switch; Reconnect; Maintenance of electrical equipment.
2No power generationLoose connecting bolts between rotor and generator; The generator is burnt out; AVR damaged, carbon brush damaged.Tighten the bolts; Professional maintenance and replacement.
3Air switch does not work.Overload; There is a short in the output load circuit.Reduce the load; Repair the load circuit.
4Unable to get normal outputExcessive initial current overload.Reduce load.
5Can not start; The starting motor does not rotate or the speed is not enough; The motor is normal but cannot be started.Start battery failure; Insufficient battery power; In cold environment, the oil viscosity is too high, resulting in too slow speed; The starting fuse is burnt out; Insufficient fuel; The fuel flow is not smooth, and there is air or water in the fuel pipeline; The carburetor was buried in the state, causing the carburetor to be blocked; No high pressure fire.Replace the battery; charge; Replace the engine oil with w10-30; Replace the fuse; Add fuel; Check the fuel filter, replace it if it is dirty, check the oil tank and remove the dirty oil and water in it; Clean the carburetor or replace it; Replace the spark plug, high-voltage cap and ignition coil.
6The engine can be started, but shut down immediately after starting.Engine is not enough.Add proper engine oil.
7Unstable operationInsufficient fuel; Poor fuel flow; Dirty fuel.Add fuel; Check the fuel filter, replace it if it is dirty, check the oil tank and remove the dirty oil and water in it; Clean the carburetor and oil tank.
8Engine suddenly shutdown.Insufficient fuel; Insufficient engine oil; No high pressure fire; Cylinder explosion and shaft explosion; Valve falling off.Add fuel; Add proper engine oil; Replace the spark plug, high-voltage cap and ignition coil; Professional maintenance; Repair.
9When the output power is insufficient, the engine speed decreases under load.The air filter is blocked by dirt; Fuel blockage; The fuel filter is blocked by dirt; Engine oil deterioration; Overload.Replace air filter components; Check and repair the oil circuit; Clean or replace parts; Change the engine oil; Adjust the load according to the parameters of the generator.
10Abnormal engine exhaustThe air filter is blocked by dirt; Excessive oil addition; Poor fuel quality.Replace air filter components; Drain too much oil to make the oil level reach the upper line of the oil dipstick.
11Abnormal sound and excessive vibration during operation.Vibration crack of anti vibration pad; Other reasons.Replace with a new anti vibration pad; Inspection and maintenance by professionals.

Above is common faults and elimination methods of gas generator set, we hope the article is helpful to you to resolve the problem when you meet the faults. We are not only manufacturer of diesel generator set, but also provide technical problem support, if you are interested in diesel generator or have question in gas generator and diesel generator, welcome to contact us by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com or whatsapp +8613471123683, we will work with you at any time.

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