How to Classify the Types of Diesel Generator Sets

Oct. 13, 2021

Diesel generator set is a kind of independent power generation equipment as the power supply mode of self-supplied power station. It is powered by an internal combustion engine and drives a synchronous alternator to generate electricity. At present, diesel generator sets have been widely used in many industries. As a backup power source for production, diesel generator sets are favored by various manufacturing companies.


In order to facilitate production management and use, the national standard GB2819 has unified regulations on the method of establishing diesel generator sets. The model arrangement and symbol meaning of the unit are as follows:


1. The rated power (KW) output by the unit is represented by numbers.


2. Types of output current of the unit: G—AC power frequency; P—AC intermediate frequency; S—AC dual frequency; Z direct current.


3. Type of unit: F—land use; FC—ship use; Q—automobile power station; T—trailer (tow).


4. The control features of the unit: Absence is manual (ordinary type); Z-automation; S-low noise; SZ-low noise automation.


5. Design serial number, expressed by numbers.


6. Variant code, expressed by numbers.


Environmental characteristics: Absence is a common type; TH is a humid tropical type.


Note: Some diesel generator set series models have different meanings from the above models, especially imported or joint venture diesel generator sets are determined by the generator set itself.


Classification of automation functions of diesel generator sets.

How to Classify the Types of Diesel Generator Sets


In daily use, depending on the target of the diesel generator set, the automation function also has strong or weak points. Diesel generator sets can be divided into basic and fully automatic diesel generator sets according to their automation functions.


1. Basic diesel generator set.


This type of generating set is the most common, consisting of a diesel engine, water tank, muffler, synchronous alternator, control box, and chassis, and can generally be used as a main power source or a backup power source.


2. Fully automatic diesel generator set.


This type of diesel generator set adds a fully automatic control system to the basic unit. It has automatic switching function. When the mains power is suddenly cut off, the unit can automatically start, automatically switch the power switch, automatic power supply and automatic shutdown, etc.; when the unit oil pressure is too low, the oil temperature is too high or the cooling water temperature is too high It can automatically send out a photo-acoustic warning signal when the generator is overspeed; it can automatically emergency stop operation for protection when the generator set is overspeed.

Use classification of diesel generator set.


In addition, diesel generator sets can be divided into standby generator sets, common generator sets, combat-ready generator sets and emergency generator sets according to their different purposes and uses.


1. Standby generator set.


Under normal circumstances, the power required by the user is supplied by the mains. When the mains limit is switched off or the power supply is interrupted for other reasons, the generator set is set up to ensure the user's basic production and life. Such generator sets are located in important power users such as industrial and mining enterprises, hospitals, hotels, banks, airports, and radio stations where the city's power supply is in short supply.


2. Commonly used generator sets.


This type of generator set operates all year round and is generally located in areas far away from the power grid (or municipal power) or near industrial and mining enterprises to meet the needs of construction, production and living in these places. At present, in areas with relatively rapid rapid development, common diesel generator sets with a short construction period are needed to meet the needs of users. This type of generator set generally has a larger capacity.


3. Prepare the generator set.


This type of generator set is used to supply power for civil air defense and national defense facilities. It has the nature of a backup generator set in peacetime, but it has the nature of a commonly used generator set after the city power is destroyed in wartime. This type of generator set is generally installed underground and has a certain degree of protection.


4. Emergency generator set.


For electrical equipment that will cause major losses or personal accidents due to a sudden interruption of the mains power, emergency generator sets are often installed to provide emergency power to these equipment, such as high-rise building fire protection systems, evacuation lighting, elevators, automated production line control systems and important communication systems, etc. . This type of generator set needs to install a self-starting diesel generator set, which requires a high degree of automation.


The above are some basic classifications of diesel generator sets. Users can choose suitable diesel generator sets according to their own needs and suitable environment. For the use of diesel generator sets, in addition to the correct selection of matching models, regular maintenance is also required in the later use. If you want to buy diesel generators, please contact us by email


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