How to Solve the Oil Leakage Problem of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 08, 2021

Cummins diesel generator sets are widely welcomed by users at home and abroad due to their reliable stability, economy, power, durability and environmental safety. However, as the working hours of Cummins diesel generator sets extend, various failures may occur. Among them, the most troubled user is the oil leakage problem of the unit. How to solve the oil leakage problem of Cummins diesel generator sets is a problem that many users care about. Dingbo Power recommends that users can try the following seven methods.


1. Sticky patch method.

Small leaks caused by oil tanks, water tanks, oil pipes, water pipes, or blisters, air holes, etc. It can be applied to the cleaned crushed area with adhesive patch.


2. Anaerobic glue method.

This method is suitable for the leakage of high-pressure tubing joint threads, vent bolts, and stud bolts. The method is to apply the anaerobic glue to the threads or screw holes. After the anaerobic glue is applied, it can quickly solidify into a film to fill the gaps.


3.liquid sealant method.

This method is suitable for interfacial leakage or destructive leakage caused by solid gasket defects. The method is to clean up the solid gasket joint surface, and then apply liquid sealant. The liquid sealant will form a uniform and stable performance after solidification. The peelable film can effectively prevent leakage.


4. the padding method.

If oil leaks at the leak-proof gasket of the unit, add a layer of double-sided smooth thin plastic pads on both sides of the gasket and tighten it forcefully to achieve the leak-proof effect.

How to Solve the Oil Leakage Problem of Cummins Diesel Generator Set


5.size recovery glue method.

This method is suitable for the leakage of bearings and shaft sleeves, bearing seats, self-tightening oil seals, etc., and size recovery glue is applied to the worn parts. After the glue is cured, a film layer with higher mechanical strength can be formed, which is more wear-resistant. Machining restores the shape and fit accuracy of parts.


6. lacquer chip method.

It is suitable for the leakage of the joints of the water tank and crankcase of the unit. The method is to soak the paint chips in alcohol, and then evenly apply the paint chips to the joints.


7. use extraction to cure leakage.

When the fuel tank bottom shell, cylinder head, gear chamber cover, crankcase rear cover of the diesel engine set leaks, if the paper gasket is intact and the joint surface is clean, a layer of butter can be applied to both sides of the paper gasket. Tighten the bolts to prevent leakage; such as replacing a new paper pad, soak the new paper pad in diesel for 10 minutes, then take it out and wipe it, and put a layer of butter on the joint surface before installing it.


The oil leakage of the unit will not only increase the oil consumption of the unit, but also deteriorate the sanitary condition of the unit, which is not conducive to the maintenance of the unit. If users encounter oil leakage from Cummins diesel generator sets, they can refer to the above methods to remedy the oil leakage. The most fundamental way to prevent diesel generators from leaking is to buy reliable quality diesel generator sets. Choose a reliable manufacturer. Of course, the recommendation is Shanghai Guangxi Dingbo Power, which has been specialized in the production of diesel generators for 14 years. The inspection reports are in line with national standards, and they are legally authorized OEM manufacturers of major brands of diesel engines, and have passed the national quality system certification. If you want to buy diesel generators, please contact by email

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