Introduction of Installation Steps of 300kW Volvo Generator

Mar. 11, 2022

Volvo 300kw diesel generator set is a small power generation equipment, which refers to the power machinery that uses diesel as fuel and diesel engine as prime mover to drive the generator to generate electricity. The following describes the installation process of 300kw Volvo generator.

1.Basic production

Determine the elevation and geometric dimension of the diesel generator on the concrete foundation according to the design requirements and the requirements of the product technical documents. Reserve the anchor bolt hole of the unit on the foundation. After the generator enters the site, the anchor bolts shall be embedded according to the actual installation hole spacing. The concrete strength grade of the foundation must meet the design requirements.

300 Volvo Generator

2.Unpacking inspection of diesel generator

1. The equipment unpacking inspection shall be carried out jointly by the construction unit, the supervision engineer, the construction unit and the equipment manufacturer, and the inspection records shall be made.

2. Check the diesel generator, accessories and spare parts according to the equipment packing list, construction drawings and equipment technical documents.

3. The nameplate of diesel generator and its auxiliary equipment shall be complete, and there shall be no damage and deformation in appearance inspection.

4. The capacity, specification and model of diesel generator must meet the design requirements, and have factory certificate and factory technical documents.

3.Installation of diesel generator host

1) Before the installation of the unit, the site must be inspected in detail, and a detailed transportation, hoisting and installation scheme must be prepared according to the actual situation of the site.

2) Check the construction quality and anti vibration measures of the foundation to ensure that they meet the design requirements.

3) Select appropriate lifting equipment and rigging according to the installation position and weight of the unit, and hoist the equipment in place. The transportation and hoisting of the unit must be operated by the rigger and coordinated by the electrician.

4) Use sizing block and other fixed iron parts to carry out machine stabilization and leveling, and pre tighten the anchor bolts. The leveling operation must be completed before the foundation bolts are tightened. When wedge iron is used for leveling, a pair of wedge iron shall be connected by spot welding.

4. Installation of generator exhaust, fuel and cooling system

1) Installation of exhaust system

The exhaust system of diesel generator set is composed of flange connected pipes, supports, bellows and muffler. Asbestos gasket shall be added at the flange connection. The outlet of exhaust pipe shall be polished and the muffler shall be installed correctly. The bellows connected between the unit and the smoke exhaust pipe shall not be stressed, and the outside of the smoke exhaust pipe shall be wrapped with a layer of thermal insulation material.

2) Installation of fuel and cooling system

It mainly includes the installation of oil storage tank, oil tank, cooling water tank, electric heater, pump, instrument and pipeline.

5. Installation of electrical equipment

1) The generator control box (panel) is the supporting equipment of generator, which mainly controls the power transmission and voltage regulation of the generator. According to the actual situation on site, the control box of small capacity generator is directly installed on the unit, while the control panel of large capacity generator is fixed on the ground foundation of the machine room or installed in the control room isolated from the unit. The specific installation method shall comply with the installation process standard of synthetic set of distribution control cabinet (panel and table).

2) The metal bridge shall be installed according to the installation position of control panel and unit, which shall comply with the installation process standard of cable bridge.

6. Genset wiring

1) Cables for power circuit and control circuit shall be laid and connected with the equipment, which shall comply with the cable laying process standard.

2) The wiring of generator and control box shall be correct and reliable. The phase sequence at both ends of the feeder must be consistent with that of the original power supply system.

3) The wiring of the distribution cabinet and control cabinet attached to the generator shall be correct, all fasteners shall be firm without omission and falling off, and the model and specification of switches and protective devices must meet the design requirements.

7. Ground wire installation

1) Connect the neutral line (working zero line) of the generator with the grounding bus with special ground wire and nut. The bolt locking device is complete and marked.

2) The accessible conductors of generator body and mechanical part shall be reliably connected with protective grounding (PE) or grounding wire.

The above is a brief introduction to the installation steps and process of diesel generator set. I hope it will be helpful to the operation and use of customers and friends.

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