Reasons and Solutions of Diesel Generator Set Burning Oil

Oct. 15, 2021

When we find that diesel generator sets are burning oil, we must deal with them in time. The following is a brief introduction to the reasons and solutions of diesel generator sets burning oil.


The solution to diesel generator set burning oil


1. First, use engine oil that meets the quality.


2. Pay attention to the removal of carbon deposits from the unit.


3. When the oil burning is serious, the cylinder head and piston connecting rod assembly can be disassembled to check the damage degree of the cylinder liner and piston ring. When the damage is serious, it can be replaced. Let the generator enter the working state better.


The specific reasons that cause diesel generator sets to burn engine oil.


1. Diesel generators should not be properly maintained during the initial use, and a comprehensive maintenance was not done in time for the first 60 hours of use of the generator, including the maintenance of the lubrication system.


2. Long-term low-speed operation or low-load operation of the generator will cause oil burning.


3. The gap between the cylinder liner and the piston of the generator is too large due to severe wear, or the opening of the piston ring cannot be staggered.


4. Using low-quality engine oil will easily cause a large amount of carbon deposits in the combustion chamber.


5. When the carbon deposit becomes more and more serious, it will cause the friction between the piston ring and the cylinder wall to create a gap, so that the oil enters the combustion chamber through the gap, and the phenomenon of oil burning occurs.


6. If the production and workmanship of the diesel engine manufacturer fails to meet the ideal standard.


7. If the diesel engine is used for a long time, the front and rear oil seals are aging, and the front and rear crankshaft oil seals are in large area and continuous contact with the oil. The impurities in the oil and the continuous temperature change in the engine will gradually weaken the sealing effect, resulting in oil leakage and burning. The oil condition occurred.


8. When the air filter is clogged, the air intake will not be smooth, and negative air pressure will be formed in the diesel engine, which will cause the oil in the diesel engine to be sucked into the combustion chamber, resulting in oil burning.


What is the reason for the oil burning phenomenon in the newly purchased diesel generator set?


Failure analysis:


The main reason for this failure is improper use and maintenance by the operator. The new diesel generator set must have a 60h running-in period before applying full load. During this period, the running-in period must be carried out according to the method specified in the diesel generator set instruction manual, otherwise the diesel engine will burn engine oil.

Reasons and Solutions of Diesel Generator Set Burning Oil


The cause of the failure: After a period of running-in of the newly imported diesel generator set, there are a lot of metal shavings and metal particles in the oil. If these metal shavings and metal particles are not removed in time, it will affect the lubrication of all moving parts. If metal chips are splashed between the piston rings, it will cause the diesel engine to pull the cylinder and cause the diesel engine to burn engine oil.


Troubleshooting method:


1. The newly imported diesel unit must drain the oil within 100 hours of operation, and then replace it with new oil, or drain the oil and use it after precipitation.


2. Before starting the diesel generator set, be sure to rotate the flywheel of the diesel generator set with a flat-blade screwdriver. The flywheel of the diesel generator set rotates two times to complete a pumping cycle. In winter, it needs a few more turns, and then the diesel generator set is started.


3. When the diesel genset is just started, the rotation speed can be increased after about 5 minutes at low speed. The movement time of 5 minutes is mainly to lubricate the moving parts and preheat the entire diesel generator set. Observe whether there is oil pressure, if not, stop immediately.


4. When the diesel generator set burns more oil, the cylinder head and piston connecting rod assembly can be disassembled to observe the damage of the cylinder liner and piston ring. If the damage is serious, replace it.


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