Test and Repair Methods for Voltage Regulator Trouble of 800kw Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 27, 2021

The 800kw diesel generator set regulator plate is an important part of the unit. It adjusts the excitation current according to the change of the generator load to maintain the terminal voltage at a given value; it controls the reactive power distribution among the generators running in parallel; Stabilize the voltage, demagnetize when there is a fault inside the generator to reduce the loss of the fault; according to the operation requirements, the maximum excitation limit and the minimum excitation limit are important for the generator. In this article, Dingbo Power introduce to you the troubleshooting methods for pressure regulating plate of 800kw diesel generator set.



Troubleshooting Method for Pressure Regulating Plate of 800kw Diesel Generator Set



1. First check the oil level of the engine. When the generator pressure regulating board is normal, the installation wiring of the oil leakage alarm can be removed. If the starter can be started, it indicates that the installation of the oil alarm is damaged.


2. The starter can be started without burning the switch, which indicates that the switch is short-circuited. The combustion switch can be removed for inspection or replacement.


3. If the spark plug magnet is damaged or the middle electrode is corroded and damaged, the spark plug should be replaced.


4. The spark plug is too dirty and can be cleaned with gasoline, then adjust the electrode gap to 0.6mm-0.8mm, then dry it and use it again.


5. Whether the resistance value of the low-voltage coil and charging coil of the accessory is within its limit, or whether the peak voltage can be checked normally, or the relevant coil or the entire electronic burner has been replaced.


6. If the connection between the high-voltage line and the spark plug is not firmly connected, it can be replaced with a new governor board. When the high-voltage line is exposed to damp and leaking environment, it can be removed for cleaning and cleaning of the high-voltage line.


7. Assuming that the combustion system is normal, we should reconsider whether the oil circuit can be cleared and whether the diesel fuel in the fuel tank can be mixed with water.


8. Check whether there is diesel oil in the fuel tank, and then carefully check whether the oil switch can be turned on, and then unblock the fuel tank through the air hole, so that the fuel tank is connected to the atmosphere, forming a pressure difference.


The above method is the troubleshooting method of the voltage regulator. The voltage regulator of the 800kw diesel generator set has the functions of regulating and stabilizing the voltage and over-voltage protection. In the event of a failure, the user must perform maintenance in time.


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