Three Ways to Reduce the Temperature of Diesel Generator Room

Mar. 23, 2023

Diesel generator set itself will be hot in operation, if the diesel generator set cooling work is not done, it is impossible to ensure the stability of the operation of the unit, so the diesel generator set in the engine room must pay attention to the design of ventilation and cooling, in order to eliminate the residual heat of the generator room, Dingbo Power tips to all users: the way to make the engine room cooling should be determined according to the location of the diesel generator room water, weather and other circumstances, generally according to the following principles design:


(1) When the water source is sufficient and the water temperature is low, the cooling method of the power plant should be water-cooled, that is, using water as a refrigerant to cool the air in the diesel generator room. The conditions for designing water-cooled power plants are sufficient natural water sources, such as wells, springs, rivers, lakes or other available water sources; water quality should be good, non-toxic, non-odorous, non-pathogenic bacteria, non-corrosive to metals; the content of inorganic and organic substrates. Impurities in the water should meet the standard requirements, water cooling should be low, the temperature difference between the diesel generator room and water cooling should be greater than the temperature difference between the diesel generator set. 15 degrees Celsius, the minimum is not less than 10 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature is high, the temperature difference between the return air and air supply is small, and the air supply system is large, which must increase the construction investment and operating costs. Compared with other cooling methods, water-cooled power station has the advantage of small intake and exhaust volume and small intake and exhaust pipes. The water-cooled power station is less affected by the external atmospheric temperature of the project, which can ensure the air cooling of the nacelle in any season. The disadvantage is that the large amount of water is limited by the water conditions, when the project does not have sufficient low temperature water source, this cooling method can not be used.


(2) When the water source is difficult or the intake air temperature outside the generator room in summer can meet the cooling requirements of the diesel generator room, it is appropriate to use air cooling or a combination of air cooling and evaporative cooling. Air-cooled power plants use the low-temperature air outside the cabin (generally below 5 degrees Celsius) to increase the intake air, and use the air and exhaust to eliminate the residual heat of the cabin. Air-cooled power plants do not require a large amount of low-temperature water, no cooling air supply system, simple indoor ventilation system, easy to operate, large intake and exhaust volume, indoor ventilation per hour, fresh and comfortable air. However, the fan capacity of the intake and exhaust ducts is large. Evaporative cooling power station only needs a small amount of water. According to the calculation of diesel engine power, the water temperature generally does not exceed 1.5*1.36kg/h per kW, and there is no strict requirement for water temperature. Compared with air-cooled power station, it can reduce more than half of the air intake. It is especially suitable for areas with difficult water sources and high water temperature. With the continuous development of evaporative cooling research and experiments, evaporative cooling equipment is also being improved continuously.

Three Ways to Reduce the Temperature of Diesel Generator Room

(3) When there is no sufficient water source and the inlet air temperature cannot meet the requirements of air-cooled power plants, artificial cooling can be designed to eliminate waste heat from the diesel generator room. The construction investment and operation cost of artificial cooling system is high. In winter or excessive season, the power plant should make full use of the cold air outside the project for cooling. Therefore, in general, air cooling should be the main way to eliminate waste heat in power stations. After your generator adopts automated units and realizes zoning work, the duty personnel generally cannot enter the room, and the maximum allowable temperature of the room cooling design can be designed at 40 degrees Celsius.


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