Use and Replacement of Diesel Generator Lubricating Oil

Oct. 25, 2021

Waste oil should be collected well to facilitate future reprocessing and prevent environmental pollution. Prevent lubricating oil from harming health. Many petroleum products are harmful to the human body. If the skin is not cleaned in time, it may cause dermatitis and pimple in mild cases, and skin rash or skin tumors in severe cases. Even if the new oil is non-toxic, deterioration and pollution during use will increase its hazards, so be careful not to contaminate the skin, especially not inhalation or ingestion. If you accidentally get it on your body, rinse it off with clean water immediately. The lubricating oil replaced by waste oil treatment has deteriorated and can only be treated as waste oil. These waste oils should be handled properly to avoid environmental pollution.


Six measures to delay lubricating oil deterioration.

The lubricating oil of gasoline engine and diesel engine has to come into contact with higher temperature parts such as cylinders, pistons, etc., and is also affected by high-temperature gas. Its working conditions are relatively demanding. In recent years, the compression ratio of automobiles has increased and the load has increased. Therefore, the requirements for lubricating oil have become higher and higher, and the lubricating oil is more likely to deteriorate during use. As a result of the deterioration of the lubricating oil, it not only shortens the life of the lubricating oil, but also damages the engine. Therefore, measures need to be taken to delay the deterioration rate of lubricating oil when the engine is working.


1. Use lubricating oil that meets the quality requirements. The quality of lubricating oil has a great influence on whether it is easy to deteriorate during use. When lubricating oil works in a diesel engine or a gasoline engine, the main properties related to the deterioration tendency are viscosity, detergency and dispersion, and anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties.

If the viscosity is too high, the more glue film will be formed in the piston ring area, piston skirt and inner cavity; if the viscosity is too small, the seal between the cylinder and the piston ring will not be tight, the lubricating oil will be diluted by the fuel oil, and the gas will flow into the crankshaft. The tank makes the lubricating oil easy to produce precipitation. Therefore, lubricating oil with a certain viscosity must be used as required.


When the detergency and dispersibility are not good, it is easy to form a film and precipitation. Glue film is a sticky substance. It can make the piston ring adhere to the piston ring groove and lose its elasticity without sealing, and accelerate the dilution of lubricating oil and the formation of precipitation. The detergency and dispersion of lubricating oil is mainly improved by adding detergency and dispersant. Therefore, it is necessary to add detergent and dispersant to the engine lubricating oil used in automobiles, otherwise, it will quickly deteriorate. The working temperature of diesel engine is higher, so more detergent and dispersant are added to diesel engine lubricating oil. Supercharged, high-speed, and high-load engines should contain more and more efficient detergents and dispersants. When some gasoline engines use gasoline engine lubricating oil, if the deterioration is found to be rapid, consider using diesel engine lubricating oil instead.


When the anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties are not good, the lubricating oil is easily oxidized and polymerized to increase its viscosity rapidly, and organic acids are generated to corrode metals. Improving the anti-oxidant and anti-corrosive properties is also achieved by adding anti-oxidant and anti-corrosive agents. Therefore, anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion agents should be added to the engine lubricating oil used in automobiles.


2. Strengthen maintenance and correctly use coarse and fine lubricating oil filters and air filters. The coarse and fine lubricating oil filters can filter out impurities and precipitation in the lubricating oil in time, so it can extend the life of the lubricating oil. Therefore, the coarse filter handle should be turned 1~2 turns after parking every day; the fine filter should be cleaned on time as required, the filter element should be checked and replaced in time; the sediment in the coarse and fine filters should be cleaned frequently (use a centrifugal oil filter) Clean the device, the rotor should be maintained when the car is driving 6000~8000km, the sediment on the inner wall of the child should be scraped with bamboo, and the rotor and nozzle should be cleaned, blown with compressed air, and it is strictly forbidden to use iron wire to pass through). In addition, care should be taken to keep the filter oil path unobstructed. The filter element of the filter element should be pressed smoothly and properly, so as not to increase the gap and reduce the filtering effect. The dust content in the atmosphere in industrial areas can be as high as 0.0037~1g/m3, and the suburbs and residential areas also have half of this figure. In recent years, the northern area has been affected by sandstorms in spring, and the dust content in the atmosphere has also increased several times. If the air enters the engine , The harm to the lubricating oil and the wear and tear of the engine are serious. Therefore, the air filter should be cleaned and oil changed according to regulations, and the cleaning and oil change time should be shortened in dusty areas. Use paper filter elements, the service life should not exceed 20000km, and replace them regularly.


3. Strengthen the inspection of the crankcase ventilation device to keep it clean and unobstructed. Crankcase ventilation can clear the gas in time to prevent moisture and carbon dioxide in the gas from entering the lubricating oil and accelerate the formation of precipitation. Strengthening the inspection of the crankcase ventilation device to keep it clean and unobstructed is an important measure to delay the deterioration of lubricating oil.


4. Repair in time to maintain the normal cooperation of cylinder and piston. According to experience, when the wear of the engine cylinder reaches 0.30~0.35mm, the working condition of the engine will deteriorate rapidly, and the fuel oil and gas leaking into the crankcase will greatly increase, which will accelerate the deterioration of the lubricating oil. At the same time, the amount of lubricating oil that enters the cylinder and is burned also increases. Therefore, the cylinder is worn to a certain extent and must be repaired in time and should not be used reluctantly.

Use and Replacement of Diesel Generator Lubricating Oil


5. Maintain a certain oil temperature, water temperature and oil pressure during use. The gasoline engine should keep the lubricating oil temperature 80~85℃ and the water temperature 80~90℃ during use. Diesel engines should also maintain a certain oil and water temperature according to the instructions. When the engine oil temperature and water temperature are too high, the lubricating oil is likely to oxidize and polymerize at high temperatures to produce high-molecular gums, asphaltenes and other substances; but at low temperatures, it is easy to condense the gas and cause liquid phase corrosion, and it is easy to Precipitation occurs in the crankcase, etc.

The lubricating oil pressure should also be kept within the specified range. If the pressure of lubricating oil is too high, a large amount of lubricating oil will flee into the combustion chamber, which not only wastes lubricating oil and pollutes the environment, but also increases coking in the combustion chamber of the engine; Large parts are worn and there is even a risk of cylinder pulling.


6. Clean the lubrication system in time. According to regulations, the engine lubrication system should be washed in time to avoid soiling the lubricating oil and shorten the service life. The cleaning method is: when the engine stops working, immediately release the hot lubricating oil into a clean container to concentrate and precipitate. Blow out the lubricating oil pipeline with compressed air, and clean the lubricating system with low-viscosity lubricating oil or a mixture of diesel and lubricating oil. It is not advisable to wash with kerosene, otherwise the viscosity of the replaced lubricating oil will decrease, and the parts will be poorly lubricated when starting, causing wear. Then, release the mixed oil and replace it with the old lubricating oil that has been replaced for a long time and settled down according to the regulations.


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