What Are Requirements of Exhaust Pipe Muffler and Flue In Generator

Jul. 13, 2021

Do you know requirements of exhaust pipe muffler and flue in generator? Today generator factory Dingbo Power will answer for you.

Requirements of exhaust pipe muffler and flue in generator.

A. The exhaust system is composed of muffler, expansion bellows, suspender, pipe, pipe clamp, connecting flange, heat resistant joint and other components.

B. For connection in smoke exhaust system, we should use connection flange with anti heat joint ruler.

C. The carbon steel or stainless steel expansion joint shall be connected behind the muffler, and the corrugated pipe shall discharge the flue gas vertically to the appropriate position. The smoke exhaust pipe shall be made of black steel pipe, carbon pipe or stainless steel pipe conforming to the national standard, or stainless steel welded smoke pipe conforming to the national standard and produced by professional manufacturer.

D. The elbow of the exhaust pipe shall have a minimum bending radius equal to 3 times of the pipe diameter to meet the back pressure requirements of diesel standby generator.

E. The whole system from the exhaust port to the end of the exhaust pipe, except for the stainless steel expansion bellows, shall be coated with heat-resistant paint.

F. The whole smoke exhaust system shall be wrapped with insulating layer of non combustible insulating material conforming to national standard on galvanized metal mesh. The aperture of metal mesh and thickness of insulating layer shall also meet the requirements of national standard. The external temperature of smoke exhaust pipe with insulating layer shall not be greater than 70 ℃.

Cummins diesel generator

G. The surface of all smoke exhaust pipes and mufflers shall be wrapped with aluminum or stainless steel cladding with a thickness of not less than 0.8mm。

H. The whole system must be suspended by spring hangers. The design of the suspension boom is subject to approval.

I. The maximum allowable smoke color of the exhaust gas discharged from the exhaust outlet shall not be higher than the ringerman blackness degree, and the smoke emission concentration shall not be higher than 80mg/m3, and shall comply with the regulations of the local environmental protection department.

J. The emission of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and other polluting gases from diesel generators should meet the requirements of GB 20426-2006 and meet the Euro II emission standards.

Different manufacturers have different requirements for exhaust pipe muffler and flue.

1. The bellows must be connected with the exhaust outlet of the unit to absorb thermal expansion, displacement and vibration.

2. When the muffler is placed in the machine room, it can be supported from the ground according to its size and weight.

3. It is suggested to install expansion joint in the change direction of smoke pipe to counteract the thermal expansion of pipe during unit operation.

4. The inner bending radius of 90 degree elbow shall be 3 times of pipe diameter.

5. The primary muffler should be as close to generator set as possible.  

6. When the pipeline is long, it is recommended to install a rear muffler at the end.

7. The exit of smoke exhaust terminal shall not directly face flammable substances or buildings.

8. The smoke exhaust outlet of generator set shall not bear heavy pressure, and all steel pipelines shall be supported and fixed with the help of buildings or steel structures.

9. All exhaust pipes should be well supported and fixed.

10. The unsupported muffler cannot be installed at the exhaust manifold of electric generator set or the outlet of the turbocharger.

11. The flexible connection shall be installed between the smoke pipe and generator set to absorb the heat expansion and cold contraction of the pipe, the displacement and vibration of the unit, and reduce the heavy pressure of the smoke pipe on the unit and between the smoke pipes; The soft connection shall be as close as possible to the exhaust outlet of the unit (turbocharger or exhaust manifold).

12. The smoke exhaust terminal shall be equipped with rain proof cap, cover and other rain proof design to prevent rain and snow from entering. The flue pipe close to the unit shall be equipped with condensate collector and drain valve.

13. It is suggested that generator set should not share the exhaust pipe with furnace, boiler or other equipment. The accumulation of carbon dust and condensate emitted by the equipment in operation will cause damage to the non operating generator set, and the lack of lubrication of the passive driven supercharger will lead to bearing failure.


Above are our suggestion for requirements of exhaust pipe muffler and flue in generator set. Hope the article is helpful to you.


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