What is the Reason of Abnormal Vibration of Volvo Generator Set

Jul. 19, 2021

What is the reason of abnormal vibration of Volvo generator set? 1000kw diesel generator set manufacturer answers for you!

Diesel generator sets are recognized by the majority of users as expert backup power sources, but users report that there will be great vibrations when the generator sets are running, which seriously affects the daily lives of nearby residents. So what causes the vibration? Diesel generator set is composed of two parts, electrical and mechanical, therefore, its faults should also be combined into one for analysis. The cause of vibration failure of diesel generator sets should also be divided into two parts: Generally speaking, the vibration of silent diesel generator sets is caused by unbalanced rotating parts, electromagnetic aspects or mechanical failures.


1.The rotating part is unbalanced.

Mainly caused by imbalance of rotor, coupler, coupling, transmission wheel (brake wheel). The solution is to find the rotor balance first. If there are large transmission wheels, brake wheels, couplers, and couplings, they should be balanced separately from the rotor. Then there is the mechanical looseness of the rotating part. For example: the iron core bracket is loose, the oblique key, the pin is invalid and loose, and the rotor is not tightly bound will cause the rotating part to be unbalanced.

2.The failure of electrical parts: the reason is caused by electromagnetic aspects.

Mainly include: AC diesel generator set stator wiring error, wound asynchronous motor rotor winding short circuit, synchronous diesel generator set field winding short circuit, synchronous diesel generator set excitation coil connection error, cage asynchronous motor rotor broken bar, rotor core deformation This results in uneven air gaps between the stator and rotor, resulting in unbalanced magnetic flux in the air gap and vibration.

Volvo diesel generator

3.The main mechanical part failures are as follows:

A.The shaft system of the linkage part is not centered, the center line does not coincide, and the centering is incorrect. This kind of failure is mainly caused by poor alignment and improper installation during the installation process. There is another situation, that is, the center lines of some linkage parts coincide in the cold state, but after a period of operation, due to the deformation of the rotor fulcrum and foundation, the center line is destroyed again, and vibration occurs.

B.The gears and couplings connected to the generator are faulty. This kind of failure is mainly manifested as poor gear engagement, serious gear tooth wear, poor lubrication of the wheel, coupling skew, misalignment, gear coupling tooth profile, incorrect tooth pitch, excessive clearance or serious wear, which will cause certain vibration.

C.Defects in the structure of the generator itself and installation problems. This kind of failure is mainly manifested as the ellipse of the shaft journal, the bending of the shaft, and the gap between the shaft and the bearing bush is too large or too small; The rigidity of the bearing seat, foundation plate, certain part of the foundation and even the entire generator installation foundation is not enough; the fixing between the generator and the foundation plate is not firm; the foot bolts are loose; the bearing seat and the foundation plate are loose, etc. Too large or too small the gap between the shaft and the bearing bush not only can cause vibration, but also cause abnormal lubrication and temperature of the bearing bush.


There are many reasons for the vibration of the diesel generator set. The above are just some of the faults actually encountered by the users during work. Hope this information is helpful to you when meet abnormal vibration problem about diesel generators.


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