2000KW Yuchai Generator Coolant Can Not Be Mixed

Mar. 07, 2022

The main function of engine coolant is to keep a running engine within its normal temperature range. To put it bluntly, the engine can be cooled at high temperature, and the engine coolant also has the function of anti-freezing, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling.


The efficiency of cooling liquid of Yuchai diesel generator will decrease after being used for a certain time. Therefore, the coolant must be replaced. If the engine coolant is too low, ** do not continue to run the unit and should be replenished in time.

The coolant replacement cycle of Yuchai diesel generator set shall be subject to the manufacturer's manual. It shall be replaced after the first use of 200 hours or three months, and shall be replaced every 500 hours or once a year depending on the use conditions. Yuchai generator coolant can not be mixed!

Yuchai diesel generator set regularly replace the coolant for the following reasons: one is to avoid cooling system due to precipitation and reduce the cooling performance; Second, when the coolant is not replaced for a long time, rust will reduce the effective performance of the coolant and make the water temperature sensor fail.

How to replace yuchai diesel generator coolant?

Before replacing the coolant, rinse the system with clean water. When the coolant is discharged, ensure that the unit is closed, and when the body is completely cooled, open the water refill cover of the water tank, and then open the drain plug or faucet on the cylinder block and under the radiator. If the unit is equipped with coolant filters (some models), remove and replace the filters.

 2000KW Yuchai Generator Coolant Can Not Be Mixed

How does Yuchai generator stand out among many brands? Here's why:

1. Higher output power: better power generation performance in low and medium speed operation. When idling at the same power, Yuchai produces twice the output power of conventional equipment.

2. Small volume and light weight: due to scientific structure design, space utilization rate can be improved as much as possible; At the same time, due to the light treatment of the surface of the structure and many parts are new nanomaterials, the good passability of the device itself is guaranteed.

3. High power generation efficiency: due to reducing the required excitation power and mechanical friction loss between carbon brush and slip ring, the power generation efficiency of permanent magnet generator can reach 7%, about 30% higher than that of ordinary equipment.

4. Strong adaptability: The integrated design can be used normally in dark and damp places, with higher practicability and can meet the needs of more places.

5. Longer service life: Yuchai generator is used for switching rectifier, voltage regulator, high precision, good charging effect, effectively prevent battery life shortened due to current charging. At the same time, the initial rectifier output with a small current pulse to charge the battery, the same charging current charging effect is better, so as to extend the service life of the battery.


6. Higher security: all safety protection facilities can monitor the temperature, pressure, speed, power, current and other data of the equipment in real time, to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition, and to a certain extent, reduce the occurrence of faults.

Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is an manufacturer of diesel generator in China, which integrates design, supply, commissioning and maintenance of diesel generator set. Product covers Cummins, Perkins, Volvo, Yuchai, Shangchai, Deutz, Ricardo, MTU, Weichai etc. with power range 20kw-3000kw, and become their OEM factory and technology center.


Quality is always one aspect of choosing diesel generators for you. High-quality products perform well, have a longer lifespan, and ultimately prove to be more economical than cheap products. Dingbo diesel generators promise to provide high-quality products. These generators undergo multiple quality inspections during the entire manufacturing process, except for the highest standards of performance and efficiency testing before entering the market. To produce high-quality, durable and high-performance generators is the promise of Dingbo Power diesel generators. Dingbo has fulfilled its promise for each product. The experienced professionals will also help you choose the right diesel generating sets according to your needs. For more information, please continue to pay attention to Dingbo Power.



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