9 Maintenance Skills Of Industrial Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 09, 2021

Equipped with standby diesel generator is a very wise solution for smooth operation during power failure. If you face any planned or unplanned power failure, this high-power diesel generator can run large and heavy power equipment. However, due to long-term continuous service, the industrial diesel generator set needs more maintenance. In this article, Dingbo Power shares some basic skills for maintaining diesel generators. This will help to improve the life and efficiency of industrial diesel generators.


The maintenance of industrial diesel generator set is conducive to ensuring the service life of the unit.

Maintenance skills of industrial diesel generator

During operation, when using any mains power supply or standby power supply, it must ensure the equipment can output correctly on site. Learning knowledge of diesel generator can let us know the maintenance requirements. Here are the 9 maintenance skills of industrial diesel generator set.

 9 Maintenance Skills Of Industrial Diesel Generator Set

Annual inspection of diesel generator

Diesel generator set should be done inspection by professional person, which is a good way to extend service life of diesel generator set. Maintaining diesel generator every year to ensure oil filter, fuel filter and air filter to have a regular replacement. Besides, technology team need to check all parts of genset to ensure the stable running of genset. In additions, when replacing old parts, should accord to the annual inspection. Annual inspection is an important parts for industrial diesel generator set.

Check lub. oil in diesel genset regularly

When diesel generator running, it is important to check the state of diesel engine and fuel level, Besides, for new diesel generator, please replace lub. oil after the first 20 running hours. After then, replace lub.oil every 100 hours after diesel genset runs normally.

Cooling functions of diesel generator

Because the output power of the diesel generator is very large, the diesel engine needs to be cooled during operation, which will produce high heat. This is the main reason for the automatic shutdown of diesel generator. Most diesel generators have water cooling function. Therefore, it is very important to check the water level and cool the unit. If the unit has oil cooling function, change the oil according to the instructions.

Check the spark plug 

The effect of using spark plugs for a long time is not ideal. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive inspection every 100 hours.

Test of battery

The battery plays an important role in starting the diesel engine in case of power failure. In addition, the battery must be fully charged and kept in good condition to avoid any type of problem. The most common causes of standby generator power supply system failure are insufficient power and non charging. Moreover, they must be clean and exist in complete electrolyte and gravity.

Clean diesel engine

Remove unnecessary dust and other particles from the diesel engine. In order to protect the diesel engine from this problem, regular cleaning is very important.

Clean diesel engine filter

Engine filter is an important part of diesel engine. For example, the diesel filter is used to remove particles from the fuel, and the air filter can protect the generator engine from dust when the diesel generator is running. Therefore, be sure to check the filter with the correct method and replace it with a new one if necessary.


Installation and safety notes of diesel generator

Install the industrial diesel generator in a safe location. That is, select a dry and clean installation position of diesel generator. In addition, in order to prevent bad weather, theft and intentional damage to the diesel engine, the generator housing should be used frequently. In addition, the rugged design of these canopies enables generator to work in the worst working environment and any weather conditions. Therefore, purchasing the generator ceiling is one of the best ways to maintain the generator.

Recommended diesel fuel of diesel generator

Dot use mixed diesel oil, only high-quality fuel can be sued. Improper storage under dusty conditions or re feeding under dusty conditions. To avoid this problem, the fuel shall be stored in containers approved by relevant authorities and away from crowded areas. In addition, do not refill in windy dust environment. 

In a word, diesel generator set is necessary equipment in power system. If there is no correct maintenance and inspection, it will difficulty to output full power. Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain the diesel generator set after each operation of the diesel generator set.

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