Dingbo Monitoring System Provides Emergency Service for Diesel Generators

Nov. 17, 2021

As each enterprise on the stability of the power supply is more and more strict, therefore, in order to obtain stable and reliable uninterrupted power supply, the diesel generator set system generally requires need 24 x7 monitoring, to ensure that commonly used diesel generator power supply never interrupt or standby or can start immediately after the power grid blackout emergency diesel generator to provide reliable power rarely break.  


Dingbo Remote Monitoring System Provides 24-hour Emergency Service For Yuchai Diesel Generator sets  

We all know that even a very brief outage can have costly and potentially fatal consequences in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, emergency services, construction, mining, and more.  Therefore, we recommend that each generator be equipped with remote monitoring function.  In this way, diesel generator sets can be monitored and controlled around the clock to avoid generator failures and other problems. Through the remote monitoring function, operation, start, close, check records and so on do not need full-time personnel in the field to perform tasks.  

Dingbo Remote Monitoring System Provides 24-hour Emergency Service For Yuchai Diesel Generator sets

Dingbo Remote Monitoring System Provides 24-hour Emergency Service For Yuchai Diesel Generator sets   

The remote monitoring of Dingbo cloud service management system can not only turn on and off yuchai diesel generators. It controls the generator to perform complete system tests, access, adjust operational parameters, and view run-time reports. It can view fuel levels, battery voltage, oil pressure, engine temperature, generated output power, engine running time, mains and generator voltage and frequency, engine speed, etc., can be controlled in time to correct errors within the system, and identify potential failures before they can lead to generator failures.  

Most failures of Yuchai diesel generators do not happen suddenly.  They are the result of many small problems growing into big problems. Dingbo Cloud service Management system provides alerts through remote monitoring and automatically notifies the system when problems occur.  For example, a remote monitoring system can alert the engine to elevated temperatures, low coolant levels, and low or dead batteries.  When the fuel oil level and oil pressure are lower than the established parameters, remote monitoring will also alert notification.  


In addition, the Dingbo Cloud service management system allows generators to check established trends.When viewing the data collected by the system, you can determine whether the parameters of the diesel generator set need to be adjusted. You can also see if the diesel generator is providing enough power to meet the demand for electricity and if fuel, coolant and other factors are not providing the performance required for the operation. 

Do diesel generators need remote monitoring?Many of our customers want to know if it is in their interest to invest in TBS service management system capabilities - many simply think of remote monitoring as preventing system damage and viewing some data.But the function of THE CLOUD service management system is much more than that.  

The core of Dingbo cloud service management system is to improve the efficiency of diesel generator sets. It helps reduce fuel costs and maintenance costs.  It can also help operators identify ways to simplify generator operations to make better use of diesel generators.For customers with multiple diesel generators installed in different locations, Dingbo cloud service Management system can track the operation of each generator from a single location.This greatly reduces the time and expense required to monitor the functionality of each unit.  


Whether you have a new generator or an old generator set, we can install a Dingbo Cloud Service Management system that will provide you with the data you need to keep your generator running:  


Prevent power generation system from failure and damage  


Help reduce fuel consumption and fuel waste  


Reduce operating costs  


Optimization of generator performance  


Extend the service life of the power generation system  


Provide reminders of maintenance plans  

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