Basic Design Of Turbogenerator Set

Mar. 06, 2022

The turbogenerator unit is a high-speed and heavy-duty rotating equipment, and its foundation is very important for the safe operation of the unit.  The existing turbine foundation at home and abroad is generally an independent foundation, completely separated from the main plant foundation.  In view of the high level arrangement of the turbine generator set, the supporting structure of the turbine foundation is connected with the main building structure as a whole.  In order to reduce vibration transmission and effectively and quickly adjust the uneven settlement, a spring vibration isolator is installed between the base pressure plate and the lower support structure of the turbine.  


The natural vibration frequency calculated by turbine foundation is sparsely distributed in the high frequency region after 40Hz, far from the operating frequency of the unit at 50Hz, which can effectively avoid resonance.  

Main workshop, boiler room and the interaction of four pipelines  

After the high position installation of the turbine generator set, the high temperature steam pipe between the boiler and the steam turbine is shortened, and the pipe system stiffness is large, so the self-compensation capacity needs to be strengthened.  Under horizontal loads such as wind vibration and earthquake, the deflection of main plant has great influence on the interface stress of piping system and equipment.  Through the coupling of various decorate a form and condition of study and simulation analysis, to determine the main workshop floors above USES the reinforced concrete bent frame structure, the reinforced concrete frame - shear wall structure below, in order to make full use of high stiffness and weight characteristics of concrete structure, reduce the overall center of gravity structure, improve overall seismic performance of main building, effective control of the structure of the horizontal lateral;  The boiler room adopts reinforced steel structure.  


Layout of main workshop  

The main workshop is 167.5 meters long and 26 meters wide, with roof elevation of 86.2 meters and direct air cooling platform elevation of 45 meters.  The layout section and three-dimensional layout of air-cooling island, main workshop, boiler room and back area are shown as follows: The main workshop has 10 floors, and the main equipment is shown in the following table.  

 Basic Design Of Turbogenerator Set

High rank effect  

Compared with conventional units, the project can reduce the mass of 4 pipes by 259.5 tons and save 30.93%, including 81.5 tons of pipes in front of main steam and high bypass valve, 44 tons of steam pipes in front of reheat and low bypass valve, 71 tons of pipes in reheat and cold sections and behind high bypass valve, and 63 tons of pipes for main water supply.  For the direct air cooling unit, the large diameter thin-wall exhaust pipe of about 40m is also reduced, and the saving rate reaches 93%.  After the steam pipe is shortened, the steam storage in the pipe is reduced and the regulating performance of the steam turbine generator unit is improved.  Main plant area reduced by about 50%.  The main steam pipe reduces the resistance loss by about 0.56 mpa, the reheat system reduces the resistance loss by about 0.088 mpa, the exhaust pipe reduces the resistance loss by about 144 mpa, saves the coal consumption of power supply by about 1 g/KWH, and reduces the CO2 emission by 2.6 g/KWH.  High position arrangement of turbine generator is one of the effective ways to shorten high temperature steam pipeline.  This project provides design experience for saving investment of 700℃ unit construction in the future.   

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