Diesel Generator Monitoring System Can Be Used Safely From the Generator Set

Nov. 08, 2021

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and society, the ownership of diesel generator sets has grown rapidly, and the demand has increased greatly. Especially, the dependence of commercial, industrial, restaurant and hospital on diesel generator sets has risen sharply. The growing demand for diesel generator sets has posed great challenges to intellectualization. And vigorously develop the inevitable trend of generator set development, Dingbo cloud service management system to a large extent to provide users with safe, reliable and timely services.  


Most businesses, industries, restaurants, hospitals and other sectors are critical to providing power. To meet the challenge of uninterrupted power supply, diesel generators are required as backup power in case of power grid failure. In addition, the battery, diesel and other parameters in the tank are in good condition to ensure the normal operation of backup power.  The Intelligent Diesel generator monitoring solution based on the Internet of Things includes remote control functions that allow you to turn the generator on or off from anywhere, and from any time, the diesel generator monitoring system can be used safely from the lift generator set.  

 Diesel Generator Monitoring System can Be Used Safely From the Generator Set

Diesel generator monitoring system can be used safely from the generator set

Remote management of Diesel Generators Dingbo Power relies on powerful cloud solutions and user-friendly mobile and web applications that give you remote access to your own diesel generator system when you need it, enabling you to quickly make decisions, take action, improve response and reduce downtime.  


The core of the Dingbo cloud service management system is to improve the efficiency of diesel generator sets. Many people simply think that remote monitoring is nothing more than viewing data or preventing system damage.  However, dingbo cloud's service management system goes far beyond helping operators determine how to simplify the operation of generators to help reduce fuel costs and maintenance costs for better use of diesel generators.  At the same time, for users who have installed multiple diesel generators in different locations, the Dingbo cloud service management system can greatly reduce the time and cost required to monitor the function of each unit, and can track the operation of each generator.  


Generator sets can be installed with a DingboCLOUD Service Management system, which will provide you with the data you need to keep your generator running: prevent generator system failures and damage.  Helps reduce fuel consumption and fuel waste.  


For how to improve generator use safety, want to know the oxidation is a major cause of fuel oil in storage and transportation process metamorphic, prevent premature fuel metamorphic this question its ability to resist metamorphic called fuel storage stability, in the process of storage and transportation, basically do not produce sediment, can very well to keep fuel and unchanging deep color, the actual colloid little change, suitable for storage longer.  Generally speaking, it is not easy to deteriorate in the storage process, and the storage stability of straight run diesel oil is better, while the storage stability of catalytic diesel oil is poor.


Reduce operating costs. Motor performance optimization. Improve the life of power generation systems. Provide maintenance plan reminder. If you need to know about Dingbo cloud service management system, please contact Dingbo Power. We are happy to help you find the best solution to simplify the operation and maintenance of power generation systems.  


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