Diesel Generator Preventive Maintenance Are the Keys to Reliable Performance

Nov. 22, 2021

Diesel generating set is standby power supply or common power supply enterprise, one of the commonly used equipment normally it to run for a long time, so how to guarantee the diesel generator set in continuous production normally stable work, regardless of the diesel generator set manufacturer or ordinary users is a worthy of attention and efforts to solve the problem, just ordinary users perspective, On the basis of scientific and reasonable selection of diesel generator brand power, regular preventive maintenance is an efficient skill to ensure the normal operation of diesel generator set.  


To put it simply, preventive maintenance is a variety of protective operation and detection, to avoid sudden failure of equipment, elongate the operation life of various parts, such as the sudden failure caused by shutdown into anticipated and able to plan flameout maintenance or maintenance; Timely treatment and replacement of worn parts to avoid chain wear and tear is the main purpose of preventive maintenance operation.  


Diesel generator preventive maintenance and maintenance is the key to reliable performance, what are the projects?  


The following maintenance levels are for users' reference.  Maintenance includes the following: routine maintenance (inspection, testing, simple treatment, by the operator) :  


(1) Check the amount of oil stored in the storage tank and fill it up.  

(2) Check the oil surface of the oil pan.  

(3) Cleaning diesel engines, water pumps, generators and other auxiliary equipment.  The key is the radiator.  

(4) Check the cooling water level.  

(5) Check whether the transmission belt is in good condition.  

(6) Check whether the water preheating system of the unit is normal.  

(7) Check the electrolytic liquid level and floating charge of the startup battery.  

(8) Check whether the ATS runs abnormally.  


Basic technical maintenance (maintenance work can be carried out by the user's maintenance personnel) Basic technical maintenance On the basis of daily maintenance work, also need to complete the following work:  


(1) Clean the oil tank and sump, and empty the oil.  

(2) Proper replacement of diesel filters, mechanical filters, air filters, water filters and side filters.  

(3) Oil change.  

(4) Check and tighten seals (oil, water and gas).  

(5) Check whether the electrical and cable connections are reliable.  

(6) Empty the water in the oil-water separator.   

(7) Check and adjust chargers and chargers.  

(8)Check, test and adjust the functions of the entire system.

Diesel Generator Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance Are the Keys to Reliable Performance


Intermediate technical maintenance and advanced technical maintenance (should be performed by specially trained engineers and technicians, including primary maintenance) :  


(1) Thoroughly clean the oil injection system.  

(2) Thoroughly check and clean the lubrication system.  

(3) remove clean cylinder head, remove carbon accumulation, remove exhaust pipe exhaust fume.  

(4) Check whether the transmission device is flexible, oil free, no rust or damage.  

(5) Check whether the seal is sealed.  

(6) Check and adjust valve clearance.  

(7) Check the turbocharger.  

(8) Check and adjust the speed sensor.  

(9) Clean the generator, check the insulation and wiring.  

(10) Load test, calibrate oil supply pump.  


The diesel generator set maintenance manual or industry operating procedures will have specific requirements for the operator, but for each diesel generator set in use, some adjustments should be made according to the specific situation.  

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