Failure Of Generator Set Feedback Control Panel

Feb. 12, 2022

A brief introduction of wind turbine control system

The wind turbine consists of several parts, and the control system runs through each part, which is equivalent to the nerves of the wind power system. Therefore, the quality of the control system is directly related to the working state, power generation and equipment safety of the wind turbine.


The size and direction of the self-heating wind speed change randomly, and the grid connection and exit of the wind turbine, the limit of input power, the active sealing of the wind turbine, and the detection and protection of faults during operation must be controlled automatically. At the same time, the regions with abundant wind resources are usually remote areas or offshore, and scattered wind turbines usually need unattended and remote control, which puts forward high requirements on the automation and reliability of wind turbine control system. Different from the general industrial control process, the control system of wind turbine is a comprehensive control system. He not only monitors the grid, wind conditions and operating parameters of the unit, but also controls the unit. In addition, according to the change of wind speed and direction, optimize the control of the unit to improve the operating efficiency of the unit.


Two, the composition of the control system

The wind turbine is composed of many parts, and the control system runs through each part, which is like the nerve of the wind power system. Therefore, the quality of the control system is directly related to the working state, power generation and equipment safety of the wind turbine. At present, the efficiency and quality of wind power generation are closely related to wind power generation control system. Scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research and made some progress. With the development of modern control technology and power electronics technology, it provides technical basis for the research of wind power generation control system. 

The basic objectives of the wind power generation control system are divided into three levels: to ensure the safe and reliable operation of wind turbines, to obtain large energy, and to provide good power quality.

The control system mainly includes various sensors, variable distance system, main operating controller, power output unit, reactive power compensation unit, grid-connected control unit, security protection unit, communication interface circuit and monitoring unit. The specific control content includes: signal data acquisition and processing, pitch control, speed control, automatic power point tracking control, power factor control, yaw control, cable automatic disconnection, grid-connection and disconnection control, parking brake control, safety protection system, local monitoring and remote monitoring. Of course, the control unit will vary for different types of wind turbines.


Machine stop

1. If there is no fuel or water or air in the fuel, check and remove it. You are advised to install an oil-water separator.

2. Fuel and air filters are blocked and should be checked.

3. If the electronic governor fails, please authorize personnel to repair it.

4 stop solenoid valve protection stop action, check the alarm content (code) to eliminate the stop fault. 

5. If the unit control panel (system) is faulty, the unit control panel should be repaired according to the operation instructions of the control panel.


R. Unit power distribution disconnection (unit brake) failure

1. The device will trip automatically when idle. Idle trip caused by overload (circuit break) of the unit, and analysis of the control electric brake, the fault of the brake itself must be repaired and replaced.

2. The device cannot be opened when idle. Overload (short circuit) tripping, need to be re-connected, unit brake failure, must be repaired or replaced.

 Failure Of Generator Set Feedback Control Panel

Generator set feedback control panel failure


1. When the unit alarms and stops, the control panel should stop after detecting the unit fault, troubleshoot the fault, power off (reset) and restart the machine.

2. Mains failure, unit failure to start, ATS control system failure to provide "start" signal, check for troubleshooting, self-start oil machine instrument, must be energized and work in the "automatic" state, control wiring connection error, check, correct connection, self-start oil machine instrument failure, repair or replace.

3. The power supply is normal, the unit cannot stop, the unit is in cooling operation (3-5 minutes), the "on" signal provided by ATS is not closed, check the ATS fault, the oil circuit solenoid valve of the unit is not correct set by the oil machine instrument.

 4. If remote monitoring is not possible, it is necessary to confirm whether the unit is configured according to the "three-remote" configuration, whether the communication line is connected correctly, whether the communication software of the unit is installed correctly on the control network computer, whether the communication is set according to the correct monitoring password, and whether the control module is faulty, repaired or replaced.


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