Generator Zero Start Boost Problem

Feb. 14, 2022

Zero-start boost of generator refers to the purpose of preventing more serious damage to the equipment when it is uncertain whether it is in good condition after overhaul or new installation. The main function of zero-voltage boost of generator is to detect whether the stator coil, iron core and rotor coil are defective.

The specific steps of generator zero start boost test are as follows:

1. Check that the generator meets the starting conditions and exit the protection irrelevant to the zero lifting device.

2. Connecting the zero-liter device means turning off the disconnecting switch and circuit breaker between the zero-liter device connections.

3. Set the generator to idle speed and leave the man on duty in front of the governor.

4. Manually turn off the excitation regulator, set the excitation regulator to adjust the excitation to 30% of the generator terminal voltage, and press the excitation button (boost voltage with the main excitation).

5. When the standby terminal voltage reaches 30%, slowly increase the excitation current and gradually increase the terminal voltage to no-load.

6. Check whether the generator terminal voltage reaches the rated value,

7. Check whether the zero-liter device is in normal state.

The concrete steps of zero boost operation of generator in our factory take #2 generator as an example.

Generator Zero Start Boost Problem

Zero boost Precautions:

During this process, the no-load excitation current and voltage are monitored to prevent overheating of the stator coil and core or both ends. If there is any abnormality, the magnetic field should be extinguished immediately, and a special person should be on duty in front of the governor, according to the emergency stop. In addition to strengthening the excitation system monitoring, the most important is to monitor the rotor current and stator current. When the voltage boost is zero, the stator current should be zero before the main switch is switched on. If it is not zero, it indicates that the stator circuit is short-circuited. The same is true for rotor current. Generally rise to the rated voltage, the rotor no-load current is also certain. If it is larger than usual, there is a problem with the excitation system or a short circuit between turns of the rotor.

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