Hazards Of Generator Reverse Power Supply From Generator Manufacturer

Mar. 07, 2022

Generator inverse power protection refers to that when the turbine loses power due to the main valve closing for some reason, the generator turns into a motor to drive the turbine to rotate. The turbine blade rotates at a high speed without steam, which will cause explosive friction, especially the final stage blade, which may cause overheating and damage the rotor blade. So reverse power protection is actually protection of the turbine without running.

Generator reverse power protection program

The generator program inverse power protection is mainly to prevent the generator from suddenly opening the motor outlet switch, and all the main valves of the turbine cannot be closed under a certain load. In this case, the turbine generator set is prone to overspeed or even out of control. To avoid this, for some non-short-circuit fault protection, it first closes the main valve of the turbine after sending out the action signal. After the generator inverse power relay is operated, the signal of closing the main valve is formed and the gate is formed. After a short time limit, the program inverse power protection is formed and the operation is completely stopped.

Reverse power protection and program reverse power protection difference

Reverse power protection is to prevent the generator from reverse power into a motor, driving the turbine rotation, resulting in turbine damage. After all, I'm afraid the prime mover will run with the system because of lack of power!

Hazards Of Generator Reverse Power Supply From Generator Manufacturer

Programmed reverse power protection is designed to prevent the turbine from overspeed after the generator set is suddenly disconnected and the main valve is completely closed, which can be avoided by using reverse power. The bottom line is that the prime mover is too powerful to cause the unit to overspeed! 

So strictly speaking, reverse power protection is a relay protection of the generator, but mainly to protect the turbine. Program reverse power protection is not a protection, but an action procedure set to achieve program trip, also known as program trip, commonly used in shutdown mode.

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