How to Easily Solve the Common Faults of Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

Nov. 12, 2021

Under normal circumstances, in the process of ordering diesel generator sets (indeed, it also involves other mechanical equipment manufacturing), Volkswagen will give priority to a manufacturer with relatively strong overall strength, at least we judge it so.  Why is that?  Just because we think that such manufacturers of machinery and equipment quality is good, durable for a long time, in the final analysis is a word, cost-effective!  


Leading manufacturers because of the original strong technology, all directions of the process strength in place, their assembly out of the actual effect of the test operation of the machine equipment is relatively no doubt on the line;  The overall strength of the manufacturers, technical may not refer to the large manufacturers, but in the integration of the process direction may be poor, which produces a gap between each other, to understand that this can affect the depreciation of machinery and equipment life.  


How to Easily Solve the Common Faults of Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

When the switch cannot work normally, please press the reset button first to see if the fault can be solved. Then check whether the incoming line and the second sampling line of the main and standby switches are normal, and whether the connector is loose or virtual.  The following is for common troubleshooting.  

Connected to the power supply, the automatic switch does not operate, the controller light is not bright may produce parts:  

 How to Easily Solve the Common Faults of Dual Power Automatic Transfer Switch

1, assembly wiring is not properly connected and solid.  

2, fuse core is not fuse solution:  

(1) Detect whether the incoming end of the circuit breaker is off and connected falsely, if there is off, continue to connect.  

(2) Connect the neutral cable to the neutral terminal relative to the 3-pole ATS.  

(3) Replace the fuse.  

Connect the power supply automatic switch does not run, the controller light may produce parts  


1,Automatic switching switch is not equipped with automatic area.  

2, automatic switching switch extended time adjustment too long solution:  

(1) Automatic switching switch Automatic/manual switching switch in the manual area, at the same time type B controller automatic replacement lamp is not in the automatic area,  

(2) Connect the neutral cable to the neutral terminal relative to the 3-pole ATS.  

(3) Replace the fuse.  

Controller power light flashing may generate parts  

1. The incoming power supply is faulty  

A. Power supply overvoltage.  

B. The power cable is in poor contact.  

C. The controller is faulty.  


Power light flashing, buzzer alarm solution:  

(1) Continue to adjust the incoming power supply voltage.   

(2) Detect whether the incoming power supply has broken phase, or virtual connection problem, such as the generation of solid connection, which involves automatic conversion into electrical sampling line.  

(3) Controller plug-in continue to plug or change the controller.  

(4) The neutral line at the incoming power supply end is inversely connected with the phase line, so continue to change the connection.  


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