How to maintain Diesel Generators and Extend the Service Life

Nov. 24, 2021

Daily operation of generator set diesel engine can improve the working efficiency of generator set diesel engine and prolong the service life of generator set. But in the operation process of the generator set, it is necessary to do the maintenance and operation of diesel engine in time.  First of all, every time the operation, first to detect the installation of the generator set is correct, so as to avoid failure, and even affect the power generation effect.  


Generator set diesel engine such maintenance, service life not long are difficult!  

Diesel generator set into the daily operation, should often pay attention to all instrument display data and corresponding reference and check the machine running on the daily dynamic: should always test the cooling system and lubricating oil level, the parts such as found inconsistent standards prescribed standards or loss leakage occurs, shall give timely supplement or detection originally well solved.  


In the process of operation, especially when sudden load reduction, special attention should be paid to avoid the effect of the governor so that the diesel engine operation of the diesel generator set rises beyond the standard value. When such situation occurs, emergency shutdown measures should be quickly adopted first, and then find out the cause.

 How to maintain Diesel Generators and Extend the Service Life

When users use diesel generator set diesel engine, they should not only consider the level of power required by the matching operation equipment, but also consider the load of the operation equipment, such as intermittent operation, or continuous operation. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the economic benefits of the operation equipment, that is, the rationality of the operation of the load and the characteristics of the diesel engine must be scientific and reasonable screening. Therefore, the correct calibration of diesel engine power and the scientific and reasonable selection of diesel engine and operating equipment characteristics is the premise of maintaining reliable, long life and economic operation of diesel engine, otherwise it may make the diesel engine overload operation and produce unnecessary faults;  Or the load power is too small, the diesel engine power can not be fully used, so it is not economic and easy to produce oil and other ills.  


It is inevitable that there will be various degrees of friction. Some parts of the diesel engine of the generator set will be damaged. Therefore, relative to the generator set diesel engine parts also need careful maintenance. Can do smooth maintenance of bearings, to reduce the friction harm of diesel engine parts. Add or change oil appropriately according to specific conditions.  Often do a good job of smooth bearing function.  Maintain the daily operation of lubrication system efficiently. See if there is any slack in the diesel fasteners. Besides, it is necessary to keep the equipment clean. Especially bearings. This is because if the grease is excessive, it will cause bearing damage.  

In general, in order to be able to generate generator set diesel engine to a considerable extent to give full play to its power generation capacity, should be on the complex operating conditions.  We do a good job from all aspects of generator set diesel engine maintenance operation. Thus maintain the product quality of the generator set, prolong the service life efficiently.  

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