How to Operate and Maintain 1250KVA Cummins Genset

Jun. 05, 2021

Today Dingbo Power shares how to operate and maintain Cummins diesel generator set, hope this article is helpful to you.


The engine operator must be responsible for the maintenance of the engine during the use of the engine, so as to make cummins engine provides the best service for you.

What should we do before starting new Cummins generator set?

1.Fill the fuel system

A.Fill the fuel filter with clean diesel fuel, and the diesel fuel specification shall meet the national standard.

B. Check the tightness of the fuel inlet pipe.

C. Check and fill the fuel tank.

2. Fill the lubrication oil system

A.Remove the oil inlet pipe from the supercharger, lubricate the supercharger bearing with 50 ~ 60 ml clean lubricating oil, and then replace the oil inlet pipe tubing.

B.Fill the crankcase with oil between low (L) and high (H) on the dipstick. Oil pan or engine must use original oil dipstick provided.

3. Check the air pipe connection

Check the air compressor and air equipment (if equipped) as well as the tightness of the intake and exhaust system, and all clamps and joints should be tightened.

4.Check and fill in the coolant

A. remove the radiator or heat exchanger cover and check the engine coolant level. Add the coolant if necessary.

B.Check the leakage of coolant; Open the shut-off valve of DCA water purifier (from OFF position to ON position).

550kw cummins diesel generators

What should we do during Cummins engine running in?

Cummins engine has been tested on dynamometer before delivery, so it can be put into use directly. But if you screw it in the first 100 working hours, the author can obtain the longest service life by the following conditions:

1.Keep the engine working under 3 / 4 throttle load for as long as possible.

2.Avoid the engine idling for a long time or working at the maximum horsepower for more than 5 minutes.

3.Form the habit of paying close attention to the engine instrument during operation. If the oil temperature reaches 121 ℃ or the coolant temperature exceeds 88 ℃, turn down the throttle.

4. Check the oil level every 10 hours during running.

What are the maintenance requirements of Cummins generators?

Air intake system

1.Make sure that the air intake system is clean.

2.Check the air intake system for possible air leakage.

3.Regularly check the pipes and clamps for damage and looseness.

4.Maintain the air filter element and check the rubber seal of the air filter element according to the dust pollution condition and the indication of the air intake resistance indicator. Check circle and filter paper to ensure that it is in the best condition.

5.If the compressed air is used to clean the air filter element, it must be blown from the inside to the outside. The pressure of the compressed air should not exceed 500kPa to avoid damaging the filter element. The filter must be replaced if it is cleaned more than 5 times.

★Danger! Dust entering will damage your engine!

Lubrication system

1.Oil recommendation

When the ambient temperature is higher than 15℃, use SAE15W40, API CF4 or above grade lubrication oil;

When the temperature is 20℃ to 15℃, use SAE10W30, API CF4 or above grade oil;

When the temperature is 25℃ to 20 ℃, use SAE5W30, API CF4 or above grade oil;

When the temperature is 40℃ to 25 ℃, use SAE0W30, API CF4 or above grade oil.

2.Before starting the engine every day, the oil level must be checked, and the oil must be replenished when it is lower than the L scale on the oil dipstick.

3.Change the oil filter every 250 hours. When changing the oil filter, it must be filled with clean oil.

4.Change the engine oil every 250 hours. Pay attention to check the magnetic core of the drain plug when changing the engine oil. If there is a large amount of metal adsorbed, please stop using the engine and contact Chongqing Cummins service network.

5.When changing the oil and filter, it should be done in the hot engine state, and be careful not to let the dirt into the lubrication system.

6.Use only Cummins approved frega filter fuel system.

7.Select high quality light diesel oil according to the ambient temperature conditions.

8.After daily shutdown, the water and sediment in the oil-water separator shall be released in hot state.

9.The fuel filter must be replaced every 250 hours. When replacing the fuel filter, it must be filled with clean fuel.

10.Only use frega filter approved by Cummins company, do not use low quality non Cummins filter, otherwise it may cause serious failure of fuel pump and injector.

11.When replacing the filter, pay attention not to let dirt enter the fuel system.

12. Check the fuel tank regularly and clean it once it is found dirty.

Silent Cummins Genset

Cooling system

1.Danger: when the engine is still hot, do not open the radiator cap to avoid personal injury.

2. Check the coolant level before starting the engine every day.

3.Change the water filter every 250 hours.

4. If the ambient temperature is lower than 4°C, must use the cooling (antifreezing) fluid recommended by Chongqing Cummins. The coolant can be used when the temperature is 40 ℃ above, and can be used continuously for 1 year.

5.Fill the coolant to the neck of the water tank or expansion tank water injection port.

6.During the use of the engine, the pressure seal of the water tank should be kept in good condition, and the cooling system should ensure no leakage, otherwise the boiling point of the coolant will be reduced, which will affect the performance of the cooling system.

7. The coolant must contain an appropriate amount of DCA to prevent cylinder liner cavitation and corrosion and fouling of the cooling system.


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