How To Use Diesel Generator Control Panel

Sep. 05, 2021

The generator control panel is to operate the generator set. If necessary, any complex machine needs a user interface, which allows users to monitor its operation and check whether its work is effective. Mechanical overheating, deceleration and acceleration are usually changed by many factors (such as fatigue, weather conditions, component and component wear).

Like motors and generators, these changes form electrical signals. More information about the generator and its components can also be found in the article. This signal can control the performance of the machine through intelligent processing. Because of this controller, many machines in urban environment (such as signal lights and automatic doors) are completely managed by themselves. They have sensors to monitor changes in physical properties such as heat and speed and generate signals accordingly. Modern generators also have similar sensors for monitoring changes in various parameters. This can be used to operate the generator on the control panel.

Diesel generator controller

What is a control panel?

Visually, the control panel is a group of displays that measure various parameters such as voltage, current and frequency through instrument display. The instrument and gauge are installed in a metal housing and usually have anti-corrosion performance to ensure that they are not affected by rain and snow. The utility model can be installed on the main body of the generator and is usually used for small generators. If it is installed on the generator, they usually have shockproof pads to isolate the control panel from vibration. The control panel of a large industrial generator can be completely separated from the generator and is usually large enough to stand independently. This equipment can also be installed on the rack or on the wall next to the generator, which is common in internal applications such as chassis or data center.

The control panel is usually equipped with a button or switch to help the generator operate, such as shutdown or key on. Switches and instruments are usually grouped by function. This makes the use of the panel more friendly and safe, because it minimizes the possibility of operators accidentally selecting or performing wrong operations. Try to turn off the vibration generator with a spring lever at midnight, and you will understand why it is reasonable to simply turn off the switch on the control panel.

How does the generator control panel work?

The control panel is becoming an increasingly complex electronic component with a microprocessor that processes input from sensors to help provide self-management to the machine. One kind of feedback may be over temperature, and the other is overspeed / low speed and low / high oil pressure. Generally, the heat sensor inside the generator will sense that heat is accumulated in the generator and then transmitted to the microprocessor on the control panel. The microprocessor then takes effective measures to adjust the performance of the equipment, including shutdown, such as low oil pressure or high coolant temperature, resulting in heat accumulation. This function is becoming more and more important in the industrial environment. Single chip microcomputer or single chip microcomputer is embedded in the circuit in the control panel, receives the input of the sensor according to the program, and reacts to it according to its operation rules

SmartGen control panel

The control panel can be combined with automatic transfer switch (ATS) to maintain circuit continuity. Once the local power grid fails, the automatic test system will monitor the power failure. Signal the control panel to start the generator. Depending on the type of generator, the control panel can start the glow plug (for diesel) within a certain time. Then it will start the generator with an automatic starter, just as it starts with the key when you turn on the car ignition in the morning. When the engine reaches the optimum speed, the starter will disengage. Then, the automatic test system switches to the generator power supply, and you can return to normal work without frantically competing to find out the cause of the power failure. This feature makes it extremely useful in bad weather in domestic and industrial environments to ensure the continuity of important tasks.

How to customize the control panel?

The control panel equipment is usually designed and manufactured by the generator manufacturer. Most generators are integrated into the control panel.

Some common features provided by the current control panel include: continuous digital reading, large character LCD display, running time, oil pressure and water temperature sensor display, set point and customized information options, harness, remote and local start / stop functions, and of course related to machine functions.

In addition to the general feature set included in the standard equipment, you may also have some special requirements, such as instruments and meters, very specific parameters to be monitored, LCD selection relative to analog instruments, automation requirements and other factors, which are not usually provided by the original control panel of the generator manufacturer. If so, you can customize a control panel and install it on the generator, or buy a control panel that meets your needs from a professional third-party supplier of control panel. Custom panels are very popular in industrial and household generators. Dingbo power reminds you: the next time you evaluate the generator, don't forget to check all the details and functions of the control panel to ensure that it can meet your special needs.

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