Introduction of Camshaft And Timing Gear Cylinder Block

Nov. 30, 2021

Diesel generator set for modern manufacturing plant was not a bit strange, this is the backup power often use a kind of power equipment, is currently safe standby power generator equipment capacity is higher in a model, for diesel generating set is different from other types of generating set, it can according to different product features, can be divided into different types of combinations,  Quiet, mobile trailer, intelligent, fully automated.  So the composition of thediesel generator set is determined by which parts.  

1. Crankshaft and main bearing  


The crankshaft is a long wheelbase mounted under the cylinder block and equipped with a offset journal of the connecting rod, the crankshaft crank pin, which is used to convert the repeated movement of the piston connecting rod into rotational work.  An oil supply passage is drilled inside the crankshaft to provide lubricating oil to the main bearing and connecting rod bearing.  The main bearing supporting the crankshaft in the cylinder is a sliding bearing.  


2. Cylinder block  

The cylinder block is the skeleton of an internal combustion engine, and all the other parts of a diesel engine are attached to the block with screws or other connections.  The cylinder block has many threaded holes for easy connection with other components by bolts.  There are holes or bearings supporting Quzhou in the cylinder;  Boreholes supporting the camshaft;  Cylinder hole that can be loaded into cylinder liner.  

3. Piston, piston ring and connecting rod  

The effect of the diesel generator piston and the piston ring in its ring groove is to transfer the pressure of fuel and gas combustion to the connecting rod connected to the crankshaft.  The connecting rod has the effect of connecting the piston to the crankshaft.  Connecting the piston to the connecting rod is the piston pin, which is usually fully semisubmersible (the pin floats against both the piston and the connecting rod).  

 1650kw Perkins diesel generator_副本.jpg

4. Camshaft and periodic gear  

In diesel engines, the camshaft controls the intake valve and exhaust valve;  In some diesel engines, it can also drive a lubricating oil pump or fuel injection pump.  The camshaft is fixed by the crankshaft with the aid of a periodic gear or camshaft gear which is attached to the front gear of the crankshaft.  That pushes the camshaft and ensures that the diesel engine's valves follow the crankshaft and pistons in precisely the right places.  

5, additional configuration

4 common diesel generator configuration: 1, static speaker configuration, 2, mobile trailer configuration, fully automatic control cabinet /ATS automatic control cabinet, canopy equipment.  


The basic component of the diesel generator set is mainly composed of the above two parts, one part is mainly responsible for the basic diesel generator set configuration, one part is the additional configuration of the diesel generator set, which is mainly responsible for intelligent operation.  


As can be seen from the above introduction, the components of the diesel generator set are determined according to user requirements. We can choose the equipment according to the actual needs, and then combine with our own actual situation to carry out a comprehensive investigation, and then go to the corresponding choice!  

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