Introduction to Daily Maintenance Procedures of 100kW Diesel Generator

Sep. 05, 2022

The correct maintenance of 100kW diesel generator sets, especially preventive maintenance, is the most economical maintenance, and is the key to prolonging the service life of diesel generator sets and reducing the cost of use. According to the situation reflected, make necessary adjustments and repairs in a timely manner, and formulate different maintenance schedules accordingly and with reference to the content of the diesel generator set operation and maintenance manual, special circumstances and use experience. The following is a brief introduction to the daily maintenance and maintenance procedures of 100kW diesel generator sets.


1. Check the fuel quality of the fuel tank: observe the fuel level in the fuel tank and add more as needed;

2. Check the oil level in the oil pan: the oil level should reach the marking on the oil dipstick, and if it is insufficient, it should be added to the specified amount;

3. Check the oil level of the governor of the fuel injection pump: the oil level should reach the marking on the oil scale, and add more if it is insufficient;

4. Check the three leakage (water, oil, gas) conditions: eliminate the oil and water pipeline joints Check the oil leakage and water leakage of the sealing surface; eliminate the air leakage of the intake and exhaust pipes, the gasket of the cylinder head and the turbocharger;

5. Check the installation of the accessories of the diesel engine: including the stability of the installation of the accessories, the reliability of the anchor bolts and the connection with the working machine;

6. Check the instruments: observe whether the readings are normal, otherwise they should be repaired or replaced in time;

7. Check the fuel injection pump drive connecting plate: whether the connecting screws are loose, otherwise, the injection should be re-calibrated;

8. Clean the exterior of the diesel engine and its accessories: use a dry cloth or a dry cloth soaked in diesel oil to wipe off the oil stains on the surface of the fuselage, turbocharger, cylinder head cover, air filter, etc. , water and dust, wipe or use compressed air to clean the dust on the surface of the charging generator, radiator, fan, etc.

 Introduction to Daily Maintenance Procedures of 100kW Diesel Generator

In order to ensure the good performance of the diesel generator set for a long time, in addition to the daily maintenance, the diesel generator set should also carry out graded maintenance, as follows: Level 1 technical maintenance (accumulated work 100h or every other month); Level 2 technical maintenance (accumulated work 500h or every six months); Three-level technical maintenance (accumulated work 1000~1500h or every other year).


The above maintenance time is the maintenance time used in the normal environment. If the diesel generator set is used in a harsh environment, Dingbo Power recommends that the maintenance period can be appropriately shortened. In addition, no matter what kind of maintenance is carried out, there should be plans and steps. Dismantle and install it properly, and use tools reasonably. The force should be appropriate. The surface of each part after disassembly should be kept clean and coated with anti-rust oil or grease to prevent rust. Pay attention to the relative position of the detachable parts. Structural characteristics of dismantled parts and assembly clearances and adjustment methods of related parts.

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