Is The Diesel Generator Voltage Regulator The Same As Regulator

Jan. 22, 2022

There are many generator set buyers in the purchase of generator set, the first consideration is the voltage stability of the generator. Because there are many electrical equipment, it requires high voltage stability. Sometimes, customers will confuse the automatic voltage regulation of the generator with the voltage regulator of the equipment, thinking that the generator set has a voltage regulator, the equipment does not need to install the voltage regulator, in fact, this is not correct.


The diesel generator voltage regulator is a device that provides excitation current to the magnetic field necessary for generator power generation. It according to the generator output voltage levels to automatically adjust the size of the generator excitation current, to stabilize the generator output voltage, the voltage of the generator set a can be within a certain range, are Chang Feng hair full copper brushless generator voltage fluctuation range of 15% ~ + 20%, the stable time of the voltage in three seconds. It regulates the generator voltage of the generator set.

 Volvo genset

And the working principle of automatic ac voltage stabilizer is not the same, it is mainly to adjust amplification circuit, sampling circuit, sampling and benchmark circuit and so on, when the input voltage or load change, adjust the sampling circuit, comparison, amplification, and then drive servo motor rotation, change the position of the voltage regulator for carbon brush, by automatically adjusting the coil number of turns ratio, Thus keeping the output voltage stable. Large capacity of the automatic AC regulator, but also using the principle of voltage compensation work.

Automatic AC voltage regulator is a kind of power supply circuit or power supply equipment that can automatically adjust the output voltage. Its role is to stabilize the power supply voltage that fluctuates greatly and does not meet the requirements of electrical equipment in its set value range, so that all kinds of circuits or electrical equipment can work normally under the rated working voltage. Therefore, the use of automatic AC voltage regulator is essential for electrical equipment, especially for high and new technology and precision equipment with strict voltage requirements. The voltage regulator on a diesel generator set is irreplaceable.

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