Precautions for Purchase of Mobile Trailer Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 21, 2021

Mobile trailer diesel generator set is also called mobile power station, and its components include diesel generator set + mobile trailer equipment. This type of diesel generator set has the advantages of high mobility, safe braking, beautiful appearance, movable operation and convenient operation. It is especially suitable for the occasions where the power supply needs to be used frequently. This article introduces the precautions for purchasing mobile trailer diesel generator set.


1. First of all, we need to consider the type of electrical equipment and the power, starting mode, starting law and other factors of the main motor. We need to emphasize that the power of a single motor of mobile trailer equipment is very large, so we must require the diesel generator set to have excellent starting performance, or it will increase the investment budget of the diesel generator set.


2. Mobile trailer type large motor has a common characteristic, that is, the starting load is large, but the load after operation is small. If the accounting is not good or the selected starting mode is not good, it will waste a lot of human, material and financial resources and other costs.At present, the starting modes of motors are as follows: direct starting / Y - △ step-down starting / Auto coupled step-down starting / soft starting / variable frequency starting, etc. most of the mobile trailers use large capacity motors. The first two are basically impossible. Therefore, we can make a comprehensive selection in the last three based on our own investment budget, and communicate with equipment agents and generator set agents to select the best one The suitable scheme. After selecting the start-up mode, the start-up current (under very bad working conditions) and operating current of all equipment are calculated, and finally the power generating unit to be configured is calculated.

Precautions for Purchase of Mobile Trailer Diesel Generator Set


3. Because the environment of the diesel generator set used for mobile trailer is very bad, and even some places are in high altitude areas, and the power carrying capacity of the diesel generator set decreases with the increase of altitude, it needs to be paid special attention to that this factor must be taken into account, otherwise it will lead to the malpractice that the purchased power is contrary to the actual operating power.


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