Precautions of Yuchai Generator Start-up On Low Temperature Situation

Dec. 26, 2021

In high altitude areas, due to low atmospheric pressure and low temperature, what should be paid attention to? Today Dingbo Power shares with you, hope this article is helpful to you.

1. Control starting time.

When starting at low temperature, the starter continuously drives the diesel engine to rotate, generally not more than 10s. If generator set start-up fails for 3 consecutive times, it shall be suspended for 2 ~ 3min before starting. If 500kw generator set cannot be started again for 2 ~ 3 times, check whether there is air or blockage in the fuel circuit and whether the air filter is blocked. If it is started continuously, the battery will be over discharged and the electrode plate will be aged.

2. Multiple startup methods shall be used reasonably.

In order to achieve the best starting effect, the above-mentioned starting methods often need to be used at the same time. However, the low-temperature starting liquid auxiliary starting and intake flame preheating, low-temperature starting liquid auxiliary starting and intake spiral resistance heating cannot be used at the same time, otherwise the flame will ignite the starting liquid mixture and explode, causing serious consequences.

Yuchai generating set

3. Pay attention to safety when using low temperature starting fluid.

The low-temperature starting liquid container shall be installed in a cool and ventilated place, away from high-temperature heat source, and open fire is prohibited to prevent explosion and injury. The low-temperature starting liquid is flammable and anesthetic. It should be sealed and stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse with low temperature. It cannot be stored in the open air. Pay attention to personal safety during storage. Do not add low-temperature starting fluid into the oil tank to avoid air resistance.

4. Oil should be selected correctly when using fuel heater.

When the external forced circulation fuel oil heater is used, diesel oil cannot be used as fuel. Light diesel oil (or kerosene) of appropriate brand shall be selected according to the ambient temperature of the machine. When diesel oil of the same brand is used with diesel engine, it shall be ensured that the diesel oil will not freeze and wax at the ambient temperature to prevent blockage of oil supply circuit.

5. Less Trailer start.

Try not to start the diesel engine by Trailer starting. Because the diesel engine is not preheated and the oil viscosity is high, trailer starting will aggravate the wear of various components due to poor lubrication.

6.After startup, run at low speed and check the tail gas.

For a period of time after the ignition of the diesel engine, do not increase the throttle to run at high speed, otherwise it is very easy to cause accidents such as cylinder pulling, shaft burning and bearing bush holding. After the diesel engine is started, it shall run at idle speed for 2 ~ 3min, and then gradually increase to medium speed to "warm up". When the coolant temperature reaches above 60 ° C, check whether the oil pressure, water temperature and indicator light on the instrument panel are normal, especially the oil pressure should be within the range of 0.15 ~ 0.50mpa. When the diesel engine has no abnormal noise and operates normally, gradually increase the load for operation.

7. When starting, the exhaust pipe will emit a burst of white smoke.

Do not heat the tank with an open flame Heating the oil tank with open fire will not only damage the paint on the surface of the body, but also burn the plastic oil pipe to form oil leakage, and even explode due to the rapid expansion of gas in the oil tank, resulting in the destruction of the body and casualties. Add cooling water when starting If the cooling water is not added during the start-up, and the cooling water is added after the Yuchai generator set is started, the water tank with increased temperature will suddenly encounter cold water, resulting in cracks in the body and cylinder head. Do not add oil from the intake pipe. Adding oil from the intake pipe will cause carbon deposition on the piston and piston ring and reduce the service life. Do not remove the air frega filter and the fire engine. Removing the air frega filter and the fire engine will cause unclean air to enter the cylinder, air valve and other moving parts and aggravate the wear of generator parts.


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