Reasons for Power Reduction of Diesel Generator after Overhaul

Aug. 31, 2021

After overhaul, the power of diesel generator will be smaller than before. Why? Many users reported consulting such questions. Yes, since the power of diesel generator set decreases after overhaul, there must be a reason.


What are the reasons for power reduction of diesel generator set after overhaul?


1.It may be that there are strict limits for the integration of generator set components, which can reach the best fuel consumption and power state of diesel engine after commissioning and testing before leaving the factory, but the air filter may be unclean after overhaul.


2.The oil supply advance angle is too large and too small.


3.The exhaust pipe is blocked.


4.Piston and cylinder liner are strained.


5.The fuel system is faulty.


6.Cylinder head group failure, cooling and lubrication system failure.


7.The surface of connecting rod shaft and crankshaft connecting rod journal is roughened.

 Weichai diesel generator

How to solve the power shortage of diesel generator after overhaul?


In fact, the solution is very simple. If the filter is not clean, you can clean the diesel air filter core and remove the dust on the paper filter element. If necessary, replace the filter element with a new one.


Troubleshooting of exhaust pipe blockage: first, we check whether there is too much dust accumulated in the exhaust pipe. Generally, the back pressure of the exhaust pipe is not more than 3.3kpa. Usually, we can always pay attention to cleaning the dust of the lower exhaust pipe. If the oil supply is too large or too small, we should check whether the screw of the fuel injection drive shaft coupling is loose, if so, tighten the screws.  


The above reasons and solutions for power reduction of diesel engine set after overhaul, we hope to bring help to users and help users solve the problem of power reduction of diesel generator set after overhaul.


After diesel generator set overhaul, if on load without running in operation, it maybe have some consequences.


1.After the overhaul of the new engine or diesel generator, the cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, bearing bush and other parts were replaced. The loaded operation without sufficient running in resulted in early wear of parts, and some cylinder pulling and Bush burning. For example, after an overhaul, a diesel generator directly operated on load without running in as required, and the tile burning occurred within 20h.

2.When the supercharged diesel generator suddenly stops running at high speed, the oil pump immediately stops rotating and the oil in the supercharger also stops flowing. If the temperature of the exhaust manifold is very high at this time, its heat will be absorbed into the supercharger housing, which will bake the engine oil there into carbon deposit and block the oil inlet, resulting in lack of oil in the shaft sleeve, accelerating the wear of the rotating shaft and shaft sleeve, and even "bite" serious consequences. Therefore, before the supercharged diesel generator stops running, the load must be removed first to make it idle for a few minutes, and then shut down after the temperature of the diesel generator drops.

3.Use inferior diesel oil. When using unqualified diesel, the cetane number does not meet the standard, resulting in poor combustion of diesel generator, more carbon deposition, and cylinder pulling caused by piston ring sintering. At the same time, inferior diesel also accelerates the wear of fuel injection pump plunger, outlet valve and fuel injection nozzle of fuel injector.

4. After the diesel generator is cold started, run the diesel generator at high speed immediately. After cold start, due to the cold state, high oil viscosity and large flow resistance, the time of oil entering the friction pair lags behind, and all parts of the diesel generator are not fully lubricated, resulting in poor lubrication and damage of the gears and bearings of the diesel generator, and aggravating the wear of the cylinder and bearing bush. In particular, the turbocharged diesel power generation opportunity causes the rotating shaft of the turbocharger to be ablated. Therefore, the supercharged diesel generator should idle for a while after starting, and the speed can be increased only after the oil temperature rises, the fluidity improves and the supercharger is fully lubricated, which is more important in cold winter.

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