Relevant Operating Procedures For 200kw Diesel Generator

Nov. 02, 2021

Today Dingbo Power would like to share relevant operating procedures for 200kw diesel generator, hope this article is helpful for you when using diesel genertor set.

1. The 200kw diesel generator shall not be started until the pre start inspection and start preparation are completed, and the operation mode selection switch shall be in the "off" position.

2. Before 200kw diesel generator is started or put into operation mode selection switch, check whether the battery charging power supply, control system, signal system, power supply, cooling water temperature control system, air system, fuel system and lubricating oil system are put into normal operation.

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3.Generator inspection before start up.

⑴Check if all work tickets for the diesel generator set have been terminated, and the diesel engine is unattended and other obstacles.

⑵Check that the lubricating oil level of diesel generator is normal.

⑶Check that the cooling water level of diesel generator is normal.

⑷Check that the preheating of diesel generator is normal.

⑸The generator set shall be free of oil and water leakage, the inside of the unit shall be clean and free of sundries, and the exhaust port shall be free of sundries.

⑹The inside and outside of the instrument panel shall be clean without sundries, the electrical circuit shall be normal, and there shall be no alarm on the control panel.

⑺Check positions of all switches are correct and meet the startup requirements. Check if the position of "emergency stop" button on the local instrument panel of diesel generator is correct, and the outlet switch of diesel generator is in the off position.

⑻The insulation of diesel generator shall be measured with 1000V megger before starting, and its value shall not be less than 0.5m Ω.

4. Start and stop of diesel generator.

The startup mode of diesel generator is divided into automatic, remote control and manual startup on local control panel.

The shutdown modes of diesel generator include: remote control, local control panel shutdown or emergency shutdown, engine body control panel emergency shutdown or engine body mechanical shutdown.

The diesel generator is equipped with an operation mode selection switch with three positions, namely "automatic", "manual" and "stop".

Automatic mode: the automatic mode is the normal operation mode. If the operation mode selection switch is in the "automatic" position, it indicates that the diesel generator set is in the automatic start state.


Remote start and stop mode: the operation mode selection switch is in the "manual" position, indicating that the diesel generator set is in remote control mode. The diesel generator can be started and stopped remotely.

Local manual start and stop mode: the local "position selection switch" is in the "local" position, indicating that the diesel generator set is in the local start mode, and the diesel generator can be started and stopped locally manually.


What is daily management system of diesel generator?

1. The door of the diesel generator room shall be locked at ordinary times, and the key shall be managed by the personnel on duty of the engineering department. Non staff are not allowed to enter without the approval of the department leader.

2. No fireworks or smoking in the generator room.

3. The personnel on duty of the engineering department must be familiar with the basic performance and operation method of the generator. Routine patrol inspection shall be carried out when the generator is running.

4. The no-load test run of the generator shall be conducted once every half a month, and the operation time shall not exceed 15 minutes. At ordinary times, the generator shall be placed in the automatic start state.

5. At ordinary times, check whether the oil level and cooling water level of the generator meet the requirements, and the diesel reserve oil in the diesel tank shall be maintained to meet the oil volume of the generator running under load for 8 hours.

6. Once the generator is started for operation, the personnel on duty shall immediately go to the machine room to check, start the forced draft fan, and check whether the indication of each instrument of the generator is normal.

7. Strictly implement the regular maintenance system of generator, and make the operation and maintenance records of generator set.

8. Clean the generator room regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the machine room and equipment, and deal with oil and water leakage in time.

9. Enhance fire prevention and fire fighting awareness to ensure that the fire fighting facilities in the generator room are intact and complete. 10. The diesel generator shall be maintained regularly and the operation, quarterly maintenance and repair records shall be made.


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