The Cleaning of Diesel Engine Parts

Dec. 27, 2021

In view of the diversity of diesel generator set structure, in the process of maintenance must be disassembled its parts, otherwise it can not achieve the goal of cleaning and maintenance, also can not really efficient to improve the service cycle of diesel generator set.  Therefore, disassembling diesel generator parts must also pay attention to the process and technical, in this process if not careful, will make some generator components differences in levels of damages, caused in the process of installation can't detailed fusion, and even parts of diesel generators will continue to be destroyed.  


Diesel engine parts degreasing, descaling, carbon removal, rust cleaning  


So, how to do intact before and after the diesel generator parts disassembly cleaning?  

We all know that cleaning is an important part of diesel generator maintenance.  The cleaning method and quality have important influence on the accuracy, maintenance quality, maintenance cost and service life of identification unit parts.  The cleaning of diesel engine parts includes degreasing, descaling, carbon removal, rust removal and old paint, etc.  

First, cleaning before disassembly.  

Diesel generator cleaning before disintegration, mainly refers to the external cleaning.  The objective of external cleaning is to remove a large amount of dust, oil sand and other dirt accumulated outside the mechanical equipment, so as to facilitate disassembly and assembly, and avoid dust, oil mud and other dirt into the maintenance site.  Generally, tap water is used for external cleaning. Tap water is connected to the cleaning part with a hose, and the oil is washed with water and matched with a thick scraper.  High pressure water scour.  

 Deutz  Diesel Generator

Two, cleaning after disassembly.  

All parts in contact with various oils should be cleaned after disassembly.  Oils can be divided into two types: saponifiable oils, which react with strong bases to form soaps, such as animal and vegetable oils;  There are unsaponifiable oil, can not work with strong alkali, such as all kinds of mineral oil, lubricating oil, vaseline, paraffin and so on.  They are insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents.  These oils are removed mainly by chemical and electrochemical methods.  Commonly used cleaning liquid organic solvent, alkaline solution and chemical cleaning liquid, manual and mechanical cleaning methods.  

1, cleaning liquid  

1) Organic solvents.  Common organic solvents are kerosene, light diesel, gasoline, alcohol and trichloroethylene.  Organic solvent degreasing is based on dissolving dirt.  No damage to metal, can dissolve all kinds of grease, no heating, easy to use, good cleaning effect.  But organic solvents are mostly inflammable, high cost, mainly suitable for small units and scattered maintenance work.  

2)Alkaline solvent.  Refers to an aqueous solution of a base or basic salt.  The alkaline solution reacts with saponable oil on the surface of the part to produce soap that is easily soluble in water and glycerin that does not float to the surface of the part. It is then cleaned with hot water and the oil is easily removed.  Different cleaning fluids are used to clean parts of different materials.  Alkaline solutions corrode metals to varying degrees, especially aluminum.  When cleaning with alkaline solution, it is generally heated to 80℃90℃, and washed with hot water after deoiling to remove residual lye on the surface and prevent corrosion of parts.  

3) Chemical cleaning solution.  It refers to a chemical synthetic water - based metal cleaner based on surfactants.  As interfacial tension decreases, wetting, infiltration, emulsification and dispersion occur.  With strong decontamination ability, non-toxic, no corrosion, no combustion, no explosion, no pollution.  It has the advantages of rust prevention and low cost.  


In the past few years, digital transformation has become the industry's development background, in order to help the user to grasp the trend of Internet +, top for the user to tailor the electricity the diesel generator set intelligent operating platform of globalisation, the top cloud platform management system, the transformation and upgrading of diesel generator set for the user, accelerate the development of intelligent information management unit of whole system solutions.  

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