Two Cooling Methods of Fully Automatic Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 19, 2021

Many enterprises use automatic diesel generator equipment, automatic generator can automatically complete the power switch, thus saving manpower, improve safety work efficiency.  Normal operation parameters can be set by users, suitable for all kinds of standby power sources.  It can realize the automatic circuit switching, which has more speed and response advantages than the previous manual switching, saving a certain amount of working time and improving work efficiency. So diesel generators provide emergency power for the daily operations of your business.  

Two Cooling Methods of Fully Automatic Diesel Generator Set

The normal operation of the diesel generator set at that time the working temperature will rise, in order to ensure that the diesel engine heat transfer machinery parts and the supercharger shell and other parts will not be harmed by high temperature, and ensure the lubrication of the work, you need to heat in the heat transfer part.  Under normal circumstances, the more common cooling methods of diesel generator set are air cooling and water cooling.  But what are the differences?  What is the role of heat dissipation of diesel generator set?  

Heat dissipation method of diesel generator set:  


1, wind heat dissipation method: the heat dissipation method of this kind of diesel generator set is the atmosphere as the heat dissipation medium.  Usually used as a dry place.  

2, water cooling method: the heat dissipation method of this kind of diesel generator set is water as the heat dissipation medium.

Two Cooling Methods of Fully Automatic Diesel Generator Set

Because the specific heat capacity of water is very large, compared with other substances, the same weight of water increases the same working temperature, and the heat absorbed by water is more. Therefore, in order to ensure the equipment, water is usually used for heat dissipation.  

Cooling water can efficiently heat the generator set and keep the working temperature of the generator set stable, so the quality of the cooling water of the generator set is very high. In fact, when selecting cooling water for the generator set, it should be strictly required to understand in many aspects.  Be sure to ensure the cleanliness of cooling water. The cleanliness of cooling water is a prerequisite to be considered. If there is too much debris in the water, the cooling system will be blocked and the parts may be worn.  Soft water should be applied.  Hard water is rich in a large number of trace elements, which are easy to cause scale under the hazard of high temperature, attach to the surface of parts, block the cooling water channel, and harm the cooling efficiency of the generator set.  

The above is the heat dissipation method and harm of diesel generator set.Dingbo electric power reminds you that the purchase of diesel generator set at that time must clarify their application provisions with the salesman, so as to purchase the appropriate diesel generator set.

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