What Are The Requirements For Normal Operation Of The Generator

Mar. 30, 2022

Do you know the requirements for normal operation of the generator?Professional diesel generators manufacturer Dingbo tells you.

1. The voltage is allowed to vary within 5% of the rated value, with a voltage not exceeding 110% of the rated value and a voltage not less than 90% of the rated value. When the voltage drops below 95% of the rated value, the long-term allowable value of the stator current shall not exceed 105% of the rated value.

2. The generator frequency shall be maintained at the rated value of 50HZ and be allowed to vary within the range of 50± 0.5Hz.

3. The rated power factor of the generator is 0.8, which generally should not exceed 0.95.

4. The difference of the three-phase stator current of the generator in operation shall not exceed 10% of the rated current, and the current of any phase shall not exceed the rated value.

5.the generator rotor current and voltage shall not exceed the rated value. There is no limit to the speed at which the stator and rotor current can be increased during hot and accident conditions, but attention must be paid to temperature changes in various parts of the generator when increasing load.

What Are The Requirements For Normal Operation Of The Generator

 Check items for normal operation of generator

(1). generator, exciter body running sound normal, body without local overheating;

(2). Inlet and outlet air temperature difference and stator point temperature within the allowable temperature range;

(3). All contacts of the excitation loop (including commutator, slip ring, cable, automatic deactivation switch and circuit breaker) are in good contact without overheating. Carbon brush pressure is uniform and appropriate, no jumping, jamming, fire phenomenon, spring without breaking, falling off, copper wire without overheating phenomenon, commutator brush grip fixed well, clean normal;

(4). Bearing insulation pad is not short-circuited by metal;

(5). Check from the peephole of the generator, insulation without glue leakage, corona, overheating deformation and crack damage;

(6). No condensation, water leakage, discharge and falling phenomenon in the cold air chamber of the generator;

(7).the generator lead, shell, transformer and other parts of the contact without overheating, no loose screw phenomenon;

(8). The double amplitude of the generator housing during operation shall not be greater than 0.03mm;

(9). Check the insulation of generator stator once every shift, switch the insulation of rotor once every hour, and patrol the equipment once every hour.

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