What Causes 500KVA Diesel Genset Air Leakage

Jul. 12, 2021

If 500KVA diesel power generator has air leakage problem, it will increase oil consumption, accelerate parts wear, power decline and other faults. Therefore, we should know the causes of air leakage and repair the unit in time. Today diesel generator manufacturer Dingbo Power shares causes of air leakage in diesel power generator. Hope this article is helpful to you.

During the starting or running of 500KVA generator set, if it makes a air flow sound, which indicates that there is air leakage. The main air leakage faults includes:

1. For 500KVA diesel generator set, the copper gasket of the injector hole is damaged, deformed, the pressure plate is loose, and there are matters in the sealing plane of the cylinder head hole, such as carbon deposition, resulting in loose sealing.

2.The cylinder head gasket of diesel generator set broke through to form air leakage, and oil smoke came out from the damaged port. We should find out the reason, for example, whether the cylinder head bolts are loose, whether the cylinder liner protrudes from the plane of the body is normal and even. If the cylinder liner protrudes unevenly, it should be arranged in the body or matched according to the number of protruding. During the maintenance, we should pay attention to the cleaning of the sealing plane of the engine body and cylinder head, remove the accumulated carbon, scale and other debris on the accumulated surface, clean it with fine gauze, and tighten the cylinder head bolts.

three phase generator

3.When there is air leakage sound in the intake and exhaust pipes, it is more obvious at low speed. This may be the cause of air leakage in the intake and exhaust valves. Check the air leakage of the diesel generator set. For example, the sealing cone on the valve and valve seat is ablated, the ring belt is too wide, the sealing is not tight due to sticking foreign matters on the cone surface, the valve guide rod has too much carbon deposition, the valve stem bites the guide pipe, the guide pipe is cracked, the guide pipe is severely worn, the valve spring is cracked, the valve tension spring is too weak, and the valve clearance is too small, all of which may cause air leakage.

4.Insufficient cylinder pressure

1) Poor sealing of valve and valve seat. Remove the carbon deposit between the valve and valve seat, grind the valve and valve seat if necessary, or mill and ream the valve seat ring.

2) The valve spring has insufficient force or is broken. The spring needs to be replaced.

3) The valve and valve guide are stuck. Remove the valve guide and valve, clean them in kerosene, and check their assembly clearance.

4)The valve tappet or valve clearance adjusting gasket is deformed and cracked. Replace the tappet and re select the adjusting gasket with appropriate thickness.

5. Oil supply system failure

1) Stop solenoid oil inlet valve failure.

2) There is little diesel in the fuel tank or the suction valve of the fuel tank is not opened. Fill the diesel oil according to the instruction and open the suction valve of the fuel tank.

3) The fuel supply pipeline or diesel filter is blocked. Clean filter screen of oil supply pipeline and pipe joint.

4) There is air in the oil supply system of diesel power generator. Loosen the vent bolt on the diesel filter, press the hand rocker arm of the oil pump to pump the air for several times, then tighten the vent bolt, and check whether the oil pipe joints are tightened.

5) The injection advance angle is not accurate. At this time, tighten the fuel injection pump after adjusting according to the specified data.

There are many other reasons for the failure of air leakage. Here we only list some reasons for your reference. If you have other questions about diesel power generator, welcome to ask us. And if you have purchasing plan for diesel genset, welcome to contact us by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com, we will quote according to your specifications.

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