What Is The Diesel Generator Set Assembly Procedure

Feb. 06, 2022

1、 General assembly procedure

1. Preparatory work

Before assembling the diesel engine, the intake pipe gasket, exhaust pipe gasket, cylinder head outlet pipe gasket, interface gasket between water pump and cylinder head outlet pipe, asbestos paper, electrician knife, small wooden hammer, kilogram wrench, socket, open-ended wrench, ring wrench and other parts and tools related to assembly shall be prepared to prevent lack of East and West during assembly and strive to achieve perfection. All parts that should be cleaned, dedusted and derusted shall be cleaned.

2. Component assembly

The assembly of diesel generator parts is to assemble the parts into assembly parts or components according to certain assembly requirements.

3. Final assembly

The final assembly is to assemble all sub parts or parts from inside to outside according to certain requirements and sequences. During the assembly process, pay attention to the relative position and fit clearance of all parts and the sealing test of oil and water, such as the sealing test of cylinder liner, water pump, etc.

4. Inspection and adjustment after final assembly

After final assembly, check and adjust the valve clearance, valve timing and oil supply timing. The test run shall be carried out after the above work is completed.

2、 Component assembly and requirements

Component assembly is a complex and delicate work. It must not be omitted, and the assembly torque should be appropriate.

1. Cylinder head assembly

2. Assembly of piston connecting rod assembly

 Volvo genset

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