What Should We Prepare Before Install 130KW Diesel Genset

Jul. 28, 2021

The preparation work before the installation of diesel generator set includes the handling of the unit, unpacking, marking positioning, checking the unit, etc. Today, Dingbo Power editor will explain in detail the preparation and installation method before the installation of 130kw diesel generator set.


I.Preparation work before unit installation


i.Unit handling

When the unit is transported to the destination, it should be put in the warehouse as far as possible. If there is no warehouse to be stored in the open air, the oil tank should be padded high to prevent rain from being soaked. The rain-proof tent should be covered on the box to prevent sun and rain from damaging the equipment. When handling, attention should be paid to the lifting rope should be tied in the appropriate position, light lifting and light release. Due to the large volume and heavy weight of the unit, arrange transportation routes before installation, and reserve transportation ports in the equipment room. After the unit is moved in, repair walls and install doors and windows.



The correct sequence of unpacking is to fold the top plate first and then remove the side panels. After unpacking, the following work should be done:


(1)Check all units and accessories according to the unit list and packing list.

(2)Check whether the main dimensions of the unit and accessories are consistent with the drawings.

( 3) Check whether the unit and accessories are damaged and corroded. 

(4)If the unit can not be installed in time after inspection, the disassembled parts should be recoated with anti-rust oil on the finishing surface for proper protection. For the transmission part and lubrication part of the unit, do not rotate before the anti-rust oil has been removed. If the anti-rust oil has been removed after the inspection, after the inspection should be re-coated with anti-rust oil. 5) After unpacking the unit should pay attention to storage, must be placed horizontally, flange and various interfaces must be covered, wrapped, prevent rain and dust immersion.


Note: Before unpacking, clean the dust and check whether the box is damaged. Check the box number and quantity, do not damage the unit when unpacking.


iii.Line location

The vertical and horizontal reference lines of the installation site of the unit shall be delimited according to the size of the relationship between the unit and the center of the wall or column and between the unit and the unit as indicated in the unit layout drawing. The allowable deviation between the unit center and the wall or column center is 20mm, and the allowable deviation between the unit and the unit is 10mm.


iv.Check that devices are ready for installation.

Check the equipment, understand the design content and construction drawings, prepare materials according to the materials required by the design drawings, and send the materials to the construction site in order of construction. If no design drawings, should refer to the manual, and according to the use of equipment and installation requirements, at the same time consider the water source, power supply, maintenance and use, determine the size and position of the civil construction plane, draw the unit layout plan.


v.Prepare lifting equipment and installation tools.

II.Unit installation.

i.Measuring base and unit horizontal and horizontal center line.

Before the unit is in place, the horizontal and horizontal center lines of the foundation and the unit and the shock absorber positioning line should be drawn according to the drawing pay-off.

Preparation Before Installation of Diesel Generator Set


ii.Lifting the unit.

When hoisting, the steel wire rope of sufficient strength should be applied in the lifting position of the unit, which cannot be set on the shaft, and the oil pipe and dial should be prevented from being damaged. The unit should be lifted according to the requirements, aligned with the center line of the foundation and the shock absorber, and the unit should be flattened.


iii.Leveling unit.

Use pad iron to adjust the unit to level. Installation accuracy is longitudinal and transverse horizontal deviation of 0.1mm per meter. There should be no interval between the pad iron and the machine base so that the force is uniform.


v.Installation of exhaust pipe. 

The exposed part of the exhaust pipe should not come into contact with wood or other inflammable substances. The pipe must be developed to allow thermal expansion and to prevent rainwater from entering.


(1)Horizontal overhead: the advantage is less turning, small resistance; The disadvantage is that the indoor heat dissipation is poor and the room temperature is high.

(2) Laying in the trench: the advantage is good indoor heat dissipation; The disadvantages is that there are lots of turns cause lots of resistance.


v.The temperature of the exhaust pipe of the unit is high. In order to prevent scald operators and reduce the increase of radiant heat to the temperature of the equipment room, it is appropriate to carry out heat preservation treatment. The heat preservation material can be wrapped with

glass filament or aluminum silicate, which can play the role of heat insulation and noise reduction.


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