Why Does Cummins 120KW Generator Wear Out

Dec. 18, 2021

Engine is one of the important parts of Cummins 120KW generator.  We often hear the engine wear and tear, in the operation of the daily work, you are more likely to ignore a small problem can lead to the engine wear and tear, thus reducing depreciation fixed number of year, another engine wear is in three stages, respectively is the new engine running-in wear stage, the collapse of the nature of wear stage, stage of wear and tear.  There are five main factors causing the wear and tear of Cummins 120KW generator.  

Why Does Cummins 120KW Generator Wear Out?


One, the engine dust wear  


When the engine is burning, the air needs to be inhaled, and the dust in the air will also be inhaled. It is a good air filter, how much dust will enter the engine.  Even with lubricants, this dust particle wear will not be eliminated, and this phenomenon is more serious in areas with large sandstorms.  

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Two, the engine corrosion wear  


When the engine stops running, it cools down from high temperature to low temperature. During this temperature change, water accumulates in the engine, which can seriously corrode metal parts.  


Three, the engine corrosion wear  


When gasoline is burned, it causes many harmful substances to corrode not only the cylinder, but also important parts of the engine, such as the camshaft.  


Four, engine cold start wear  


When the diesel generator cooler is started, due to the high viscosity and poor fluidity of the oil, the oil supply of the oil pump is seriously insufficient, and the friction surface of the machine is not well lubricated due to lack of oil, resulting in rapid wear and tear, and even causing common faults such as cylinder pulling and tile burning.  

Natural wear refers to the machine parts in all normal work necessary conditions, a long time slowly caused by wear.  The characteristic of natural wear is that the wear is uniform and increases slowly over a long period of time, which does not cause premature or rapid decline in machine working skills.  Engine natural wear and tear is inevitable, we should use the correct way of operation to look at the generator set, regular maintenance and maintenance of it, reduce its damage, maximize their depreciation life extension, maintenance costs to the minimum, give play to the maximum value of Cummins 120KW generator.  

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