Why Generating Sets Are Suitable For Backup Power

Nov. 09, 2021

Has your company considered purchasing generators for the company or on-site? If so, you should first decide which generator best meets your needs. To help you make a wise choice, here are some reasons to make the right choice.


Low maintenance cost

The internal combustion engine has a compact structure and a simple structure, so it is rarely likely to be damaged or require frequent replacement or subsequent maintenance. For example, it does not require wires and spark plugs. The device has built-in cooling components and does not require radiators, pumps, thermometers or coolants. Therefore, diesel generators have a longer lifespan than other types of generators and lower maintenance costs.


The generating electricity time is longer

Diesel generators are specially designed for long-term power generation. Therefore, in hospitals or other places where uninterrupted power supply is critical, they are an important source of stable power.

 Cummins back up generator

More fuel efficient

Gas generators use gas generators to compress air and fuel, while diesel generator sets only use compressed air. Therefore, diesel generators score high on fuel efficiency. The fuel cost of diesel generators is about 40% cheaper than that of gas generators. Moreover, diesel is much cheaper than gasoline, so you can save a lot of money.


It is convenient to purchase diesel

Diesel is cheaper and can be easily purchased at any gas station. In this way, the fuel supply of the diesel generator becomes very easy. If you are going to buy diesel generators, please contact Dingbo Power, Dingbo Power will provide you with high-quality diesel generators and high-quality services in stock, which can be shipped at any time.



Unlike using spark ignition (SI), diesel generators work by compression ignition (CI). As the name suggests, spark ignition (SI) requires an electric spark to ignite a mixture of air and fuel to start the engine. In comparison, compression ignition (CI) does not require sparks. Simply compressing the air to a very high temperature can cause a fire.

Due to the use of compression ignition (CI) technology, diesel generators have lower flammability than gas generators and are less volatile. This mechanism can significantly reduce the risk of fire or explosion in the event of a failure.


Very versatile

Diesel generators can have many shapes and shapes. Various models, with different sizes, speeds and capacities, can meet various needs.

Therefore, diesel generators are very popular in various fields such as agriculture, communications, construction, refrigeration and venues. Diesel engines can also be used anywhere: homes, offices, hospitals, factories and even ships.

In addition, diesel generators can not only be used as the main power source far away from the main grid, but also provide backup power in the event of a power failure or high load. If you have purchase plan of electric generators, welcome to contact us by email dingbo@dieselgeneratortech.com, or call us directly by mobile phone +8613481024441. 

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