Why is Diesel Generator Better

Jun. 25, 2022

Diesel generator sets are widely used and favored as power generation equipment, and have been widely adopted by various industries. Dingbo Power will share the relevant knowledge of diesel generator sets with you to explain why diesel generator sets are the better power generation equipment.


Composition of diesel generator set

The diesel generator set consists of engine, generator, safety monitoring and controller.

The engine converts the chemical energy of fuel oil into rotating mechanical energy, and the generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. The speed control system adjusts the engine speed, that is, the frequency of electricity, by adjusting the oil supply, and adjusts the output active power at a fixed frequency. The excitation voltage regulation system realizes the voltage to the generator by regulating the excitation current (the grid connected generator can adjust the reactive power and power factor). The controller can control the local / remote startup and shutdown of the generator set, display and record the operating parameters of the generator and monitor the safety to ensure the safe operation of the generator. At the same time, it has the functions of automatic synchronization, remote data transmission and remote control, as well as the operation logic setting of the unit during grid connected operation.


Application of diesel generator set

1.Self-contained power supply

Some users do not have network power supply, such as islands far from the mainland, remote pastoral areas, rural areas, data centers, chip semiconductors, super high-rise buildings, etc., so self-contained power supply is required. The so-called self-contained power supply is the power supply for self use. When the generating power is not too large, diesel generator sets often become the first choice for self-contained power supply.

750KVA diesel generator

2.Standby/emergency power supply

The main purpose is that although some users have relatively stable and reliable grid power supply, they still configure their own power supply for emergency power generation in order to prevent accidents, such as circuit failure or temporary power failure. It can be seen that the standby power supply is actually a kind of self-contained power supply, but it is not used as the main power supply, but only as a means of relief in case of emergency. China standby generator is your choice if you need standby power supply.


3.Alternative power supply

Its main function is to make up for the shortage of grid power supply. There may be two cases. One is that the price of grid power is too high. From the perspective of cost saving, diesel generator set is selected as the alternative power supply. The other is that in the case of insufficient network power supply, the use of network power is restricted, and the power supply department has to cut off power everywhere. At this time, the user needs to replace the power supply for relief in order to normal production and work.


Features of diesel generator set

1.Multiple capacity levels

The genset capacity of diesel generator sets ranges from several kilowatt to tens of thousands of kilowatts. At present, the max. genset capacity is several thousand kilowatts. The genset capacity of prime, emergency and standby generator sets used for ships, posts and telecommunications, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises and military facilities has a wide range of selectable capacity, and has the advantage of being suitable for various capacity power loads. When the diesel generator set is used as the emergency and standby power supply, one or more generator sets can be used, and the installed capacity can be flexibly configured according to the actual needs.

2.Compact structure and flexible installation location

Prime generator sets are usually configured independently, while standby generator sets or emergency generator sets are generally used in conjunction with power transformation and distribution equipment. Generally, the generating set does not operate in parallel with the external (municipal) power grid, and the unit does not need sufficient water source, so the installation location of the unit is flexible.


3.High thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption

Diesel engine is the thermal engine with the highest thermal efficiency at present. Its effective thermal efficiency is 30% ~ 46%, high-pressure steam turbine is about 20% ~ 40%, and gas turbine is about 20% ~ 30%. Therefore, the fuel consumption of diesel generator set is low.

 Cummins generator 1000kva

4.Start quickly and reach full power quickly

Generally, it only takes a few seconds for the diesel engine to start, and it can reach full load operation within 1min under emergency state. Under normal working conditions, the full load is reached in about 5 ~ 30min, while the steam power plant generally takes 3 ~ 4H from startup to full load. The shutdown process of the diesel engine is also very short, and it can be started and stopped frequently. Therefore, diesel generator set is very suitable for emergency generator set or standby generator set.

5.Simple maintenance operation

Less operators are required, and the maintenance is easy during the standby period.


6. The comprehensive cost of diesel generator set construction and power generation is the lowest

The diesel engine in the diesel generator set is generally a four stroke, water-cooled, medium and high speed internal combustion engine. Use non renewable diesel fuel or add renewable energy such as ethanol, biodiesel, compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas to diesel fuel to save energy and protect the environment. The emissions of diesel engine after combustion are mainly NOx, Co, HC and PM (particles), which pollute the environment and have large exhaust noise. But now the noise can meet the environmental requirements through noise reduction or the use of generators with soundproof enclosure. The emission levels of some diesel generator sets can also reach Euro 3, Euro 4 and Euro 5, meeting the requirements of environmental use and reducing environmental pollution.


Compared with hydropower, wind power, solar energy and other renewable energy power generation, nuclear power and thermal power generation, diesel generator sets have very obvious advantages: the comprehensive cost of construction and power generation of diesel generator sets is the lowest.


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