Working Principle And Structural Characteristics of Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 04, 2021

Electric control high pressure common rail diesel engine electric control system although complex, but the truth is relatively easy to understand.  Electronic control system has three types of electrical components: sensors and signal input components (detection components), control unit module (ECU, analysis and calculation components), solenoid valve actuator (implementation components).  

Modern engineering machinery electronic control system has a very powerful function, not only can realize the control function of machinery or engine, but also can carry out self-diagnosis, failure cause display (failure code), historical data storage and other functions.  If we can understand the meaning of the fault code, it will be very helpful to analyze the cause of engine failure and repair.  Some fault codes show the nature of the fault and can be solved by replacing the parts.  

Working Principle And Structural Characteristics of Diesel Generator Set

Working principle and structural characteristics of diesel generator set

Characteristics of electrically controlled common rail system

The characteristics of electronic high pressure common rail system can be summarized as follows: 

Free adjustment of fuel injection pressure (common rail pressure control)  

Injection pressure is controlled by controlling common rail pressure.  Using the common rail pressure sensor to measure the fuel pressure, so as to adjust the oil supply oil pump, adjust the common rail pressure.  In addition, according to the engine speed, the size of fuel injection and set the best value (command value) always consistent feedback control.  

Based on the engine speed and throttle opening signal, the computer calculates the best fuel injection amount and controls the on-off time of fuel injector.  

Freely adjust the fuel injection rate shape, according to the needs of the engine use, set and control the fuel injection rate shape: pre-injection, post-injection, multi-stage injection, etc.  

Free adjustment of fuel injection time: according to the engine speed and fuel injection amount and other parameters, calculate the best fuel injection time, and control the electronic injector at the appropriate time to open, close at the appropriate time, so as to accurately control the fuel injection time.  The computer has the function of self-diagnosis, technical diagnosis of the main parts of the system, if a part has a fault, the diagnosis system will send out an alarm, and according to the fault automatically make processing;  Or stop the engine, a so-called fail-safe function, or switch control methods.  

By various sensors in the electronically controlled common rail system, engine speed sensor, the throttle opening sensor, a variety of temperature sensors, real-time detection of the actual running condition of the engine, by a microcomputer according to the design of computer program to calculate in advance, for display in the running state of fuel injection quantity, injection time, injection rate model, the parameters such as  Make the engine always work in optimum condition. In high pressure electronic common rail system, fuel injection pressure (common rail pressure) is independent of engine speed and load, and can be controlled independently.  The fuel pressure is measured by the common rail pressure sensor, and the feedback control is carried out after comparing with the set target fuel pressure. 

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