Cloud Monitoring Service System of Diesel Generator Set

Jul. 14, 2021

In the daily operation of a company, whether the power supply can be sustained and stably is an important part of the development of the company. Companies that have experienced the power curtailment policy know that if the power supply cannot be guaranteed during the production of the company, not only the output cannot be guaranteed, It will also affect the company's subsequent development, and even lose customers who are already very stable due to power restrictions. In order to solve this problem, diesel generators constitute an indispensable helper for backup power equipment in this era. It can not only reduce the shortage of power supply caused by power curtailment and other reasons, but most importantly, ensure that enterprises are on the city power supply. In the case of lack of supply, normal production activities can still be carried out, and the normal operation of the enterprise will not be affected. Therefore, consumers should pay more attention to the choice of diesel generator sets and choose according to their own needs.

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Diesel generator set is an indispensable power equipment in the absence of city power supply, so its quality must be guaranteed, and safety must also be considered. Therefore, consumers should choose regular brands produced by large manufacturers. It should not be cheap to buy some off-brand diesel generator sets. In the highly competitive diesel generator set market, brands that can always be at the forefront of the industry must have excellent strength, and people are often more likely to believe in such products. Here, when it comes to diesel generator sets, the mainstream products currently on the market are either stationary, silent, or mobile trailers, etc., which can guarantee the power supply. Recently, the well-known brand Dingbo Power has innovatively upgraded diesel generator sets, upgraded diesel generator sets to a new field, and launched a "new species" for the Chinese market-diesel generator sets with Dingbo cloud service system. Since then, diesel generator sets have officially entered an era of intelligence and internet!


Diesel generator sets equipped with Dingbo Cloud Management System are new products that have been popularized in recent years. It has changed the design and operation of traditional diesel generator sets. Compared with traditional diesel generator sets, diesel generator sets equipped with Dingbo cloud management system can be remotely controlled and operated through mobile phone APP or computer program, without the need for professionals to visit the on-site operation of the unit completely liberates the staff, saves the operating expenses of the unit and improves the work efficiency for the diesel generator set users.


Remote "intelligent control" intelligent procedures are more thorough

The intelligent diesel generator set launched by Dingbo Power company combines the dual advantages of traditional diesel generator set and Internet +, innovative cloud management technology, which can efficiently manage and operate diesel generator set. At the same time, the unit also has an ATS automatic system, The system can automatically run diesel generator sets. For example, when the mains power is suddenly cut off, the diesel generator sets can be quickly and automatically started under the action of the ATS fully automatic system to meet the requirements of the normal operation of special equipment that cannot be lacked without being affected by power outages. The operation safety of these equipments is improved. When the mains power is restored to normal power supply, the unit will automatically turn off under the intervention of the ATS automatic system, reducing unnecessary operating expenses, and realizing that the unit does not need to be on duty for 24 hours, and it is completely intelligent operation. At the same time, it can be equipped with the top cloud management system to automatically control and monitor the unit. In general, it realizes the automatic startup and shutdown of the generator set, automatic switching, automatic power transmission, data monitoring, and alarm protection. It is completely possible to achieve "unattended”.


Have invention patents in many countries, leading in related technologies

When consumers choose diesel generator sets, in addition to the power supply effect of diesel generator sets, the fuel saving, environmental protection, ease of operation and durability of diesel generator sets have also become the key points for many consumers to purchase. The fuel consumption of a diesel generator set is very important. Once the fuel consumption is too much, it will not only affect the use effect of the unit, but also increase the operating cost of the unit. The supporting power of Dingbo Power diesel generator sets adopts Yuchai, Shanghai Diesel, Weichai, Jichai, Sweden Volvo, American Cummins and other well-known diesel engine brands at home and abroad. The products adopt leading turbocharged intercooling, four-valve and electronic control technology. Superior performance, compact layout, accurate and rapid combustion organization, good instant response performance, strong loading capacity, large power reserve, strong power, energy saving and environmental protection, for mechanical engineering, chemical mines, factories, hotels, real estate, schools, schools, Hospitals and other enterprises and institutions provide safe, stable and reliable power protection.


For a long time, whether the power supply is stable and normal has plagued many companies. When selecting diesel generator sets, the question of "what brand of diesel generator sets is good" has been plagued by everyone. Today, the “intelligent” diesel generator set launched by Dingbo Power company demonstrates that diesel generator sets can provide a “continuous and stable” power supply, so that whether the power supply is stable and normal is no longer a problem. If you are interested in intelligent diesel generator set, contact Dingbo Power company by email to get more information. 

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