Shangchai Power Passed The 5000 Meter Plateau Verification Perfectly

Mar. 02, 2022

In the middle of winter, the temperature on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is as low as 30 degrees. At an altitude of 5000 meters, the air is thin, and the air pressure and oxygen content are only half of those in the plain area.


Under such extreme climatic conditions and environment, Shangchai diesel generator 1000kw with Shangchai engine 6WTAA35-G3, Shangchai diesel generator 800KW with Shangchai engine 6KTAA25-G3, 50KW and 75KW diesel generator with Shangchai engine 4RTAA2.8-G3, total of 4 generator sets have undergone a very harsh plateau test after rigorous performance and durability assessment.

 Shangchai Power Passed The 5000 Meter Plateau Verification Perfectly

Plateau test is one of the important tests to test and calibrate the engine performance and test the engine quality under extreme climate conditions. It is also a touchstone to test whether the generator set with the engine as the core can adapt to the extremely harsh environment. This time, the Shangchai engine has passed the severe test and still performed well. All relevant test contents are qualified, and all performance indicators are at the leading level.


Not afraid of severe tests, casting first-class quality

This time, Shangchai has tested many items, including plateau and low-temperature cold start, genset electrical performance, cold zone adaptability and so on. Because the oxygen content is relatively low, the plateau power attenuation will occur. Therefore, the fuel quantity required for the combustion of power products is different from that in the plain. The engine ECU must be able to recognize the plateau atmospheric pressure and correct the intake air quantity.


In this test, Shangchai generator set showed excellent quality, started smoothly under the extreme conditions of thin air, and the emission fully complied with the national non-road emission standard. At the same time, in the competition of the same power segment, the Shangchai engine has the advantages of small power attenuation, fast loading response, quick response and optimized calibration data during the test. In such an extreme environment, it still has good fuel economy while maintaining strong power.

 Shangchai Power Passed The 5000 Meter Plateau Verification Perfectly

Pursuing the ultimate performance, highly trusted by customers

Not only the power test results of the power station are excellent, but also the supporting power products of Shangchai in the fields of agricultural machinery, construction machinery, trucks, buses, passenger cars, etc. have also undergone the rigorous three highs test process, and even the verification of the plateau and alpine double test .


Engine products that can pass such harsh tests already have world-leading excellent performance and quality. Because of this, Shangchai diesel generators are highly trusted by the market and customers. This year, Shangchai production and sales exceeded 200,000 units, and it was shortlisted for military diesel generator sets to continue the glory of the military industry market, and continue to serve the national defense.

 Shangchai Power Passed The 5000 Meter Plateau Verification Perfectly

In the course of more than 70 years of Shangchai Power, the brave and rigorous Shangchai staffs have always adhered to strict and perfect R&D, testing and other processes to provide users with high-standard, high-quality, high-reliability and cost-effective products. The value of users is the eternal pursuit of Shangchai!


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