100kw Silent Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator Set Data

Model: DB-100GF

Prime power: 100KW/125KVA

Rated current: 180A

Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Power factor: 0.8lag

Rated voltage: 380~480V

Transport package: plastic film/ plywood case

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The silent diesel generator produced by our company is powered by domestic and foreign well-known engine brands MTU, Perkins, Volvo penta, Cummins, Shangchai, Yuchai and other diesel engines. The canopy are made of 3mm cold plate. At the same time, after strict pickling, phosphating and multi-layer paint baking treatment, it can effectively achieve the effect of fire prevention and corrosion prevention. Equipped with 8 hours' base bottom fuel tank. The interior is treated with high-density flame-retardant and high-quality sound-absorbing cotton with a thickness of 5 cm. The smoke exhaust system is treated with thermal insulation cotton and equipped with secondary silencing device, and the noise is kept below 75dB during operation. The unique blowdown valve design, battery switch design and explosion-proof lamp device are more humanized.

With exquisite workmanship and remarkable noise reduction effect, our silent generator is quickly loved by customers at home and abroad and has won a large number of export orders. It is exported to Southeast Asia, America and African countries. As the main feature of the company, low-noise generator set products can not be satisfied with the current situation. We should continue to innovate and reform, and design and manufacture low-noise generator set products with more noise reduction effect.

Why Choose Us

Dingbo is original manufacturer of diesel generator set. Factory direct sale, guaranteed quality and affordable price.


Our diesel generator sets are widely used in telecommunications, energy, transportation, real estate, hospital, residential building, data center and other fields, having long-term strategic cooperation with a lot of well-known enterprises. From research and development to production, from raw material procurement, assembly and processing to finished product debugging and testing, each process is strictly implemented, in all aspects meet the national, industry standards and contract provisions of the quality, specifications and performance requirements.


We have a professional and technical team, with an average working experience of more than 10 years in the generator industry. In the spirit of "keep improving", they actively collect and attract advanced technology and products at home and abroad, and constantly update the products, so that our diesel generators have been recognized by the majority of users.


If a customer can not find his supplier to support them when equipment has problem, after sales service is not guaranteed, which is a very helpless thing. While we have perfect after-sales service to support you to solve problem, it's not that you can't find us after you have a problem on your equipment. We will be with you and solve your problems with heart.

Export Case

So far, our diesel genset sold to Ethiopia, Venezuela, Singapore, Nigeria, Thailand, U.S.A etc. all over the world, both having good feedback from customers. 

Diesel generators

Specific Project Cases:



1. Do you have your own factory?

Yes, we have. Welcome to visit our factory.

2. What is the delivery time and do you have product in stock?

Delivery time depends on order quantity. Generally, within 10 days for open genset, 20 days for silent genset. We have some power capacities in stock, if need details, please contact us.

3. What is your warranty period?

Our warranty is 1 year or 1000running hours whichever comes first. But based on some special project, we can extended our warranty period.

4. Does your generator have global warranty?

Yes, We supply the warranty. Also most of our products like Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Deutz, Doosan, Yuchai, Weichai etc. power generator enjoy the global warranty service. And the alternator we use like Stamford and marathon also enjoy the global warranty service, so you do not need to worry about the after-sales service.

5. What is your payment terms?

We can accept T/T 30% in advance, and the balance 70% shall be paid before shipment or L/C at sight. But based on some special project and special order, we can do something on payment item.

6. Do you provide OEM service?

Yes, we can put your company logo on our diesel genset, just tell us your requirements, then we will do it for you. 

Our Service

Before service

Our professional engineer will give you some consultation of technology and related planning before sale, such as selection of equipment, supporting facilities, the design of equipment room. We can also answer and solve the using problem you faced.


After sale service

1. Free guide to install and debugging

2. Free training and consult

3. Guiding how to protect your equipment

4. We will set up clients' document, tracking service, regular inspection, maintenance for life

5. We offers pure perennial spare parts and maintenance engineers will be ready to provide.

Dingbo Cloud on line service will help you to manage your equipment, save cost and improve efficiency.

The products comply with GB/T2820-1997 or GB12786-91 national standards and have been put on the market in batches. Super silent diesel generator sets are widely used in posts and telecommunications, hotels, buildings, entertainment places, hospitals, shopping malls, industrial and mining enterprises and other places with strict environmental noise requirements as prime or standby power supply.

1. Significant low-noise performance. The noise limit of the silent generator is 75dB at 7 meters away from the generator set.

2. The silent box is environment-friendly paint baking type. After pickling and phosphating treatment, it can have the effect of fire prevention and corrosion prevention. At the same time, it has a unique rainproof groove and seal design, and the weatherproof and weather resistant grade of the silent box is higher.

3. The overall design has compact structure, small volume and novel and beautiful shape.

4. The design of high-efficiency noise reduction multi-channel air inlet and exhaust channels can effectively prevent the inhalation of sundries and dust, increase the air inlet and exhaust area, and ensure that the genset has sufficient power performance.

5. Large impedance composite silencer to achieve good noise reduction effect.

6. Eight hour large capacity base bottom daily fuel tank.

7. Special quick opening cover plate makes maintenance more convenient.


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