SmartGen HGM9510N Control Module

Genset-genset parallel,RS485,CANBUS,GOV,AVR

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HGM9510N genset parallel controller is designed for manual/auto parallel system generators with similar or different capacities. Additionally, it is suitable for single unit constant power output and mains paralleling to realize automatic start/stop, parallel running, data measurement, alarm protection as well as remote control, remote measurement and remote communication functions. It fits with large LCD display, optional Chinese, English and other languages interface, and it is reliable and easy to use.

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Our diesel generator sets are widely used in telecommunications, energy, transportation, real estate, hospital, residential building, data center and other fields, having long-term strategic cooperation with a lot of well-known enterprises. From research and development to production, from raw material procurement, assembly and processing to finished product debugging and testing, each process is strictly implemented, in all aspects meet the national, industry standards and contract provisions of the quality, specifications and performance requirements.


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So far, our diesel genset sold to Ethiopia, Venezuela, Singapore, Nigeria, Thailand, U.S.A etc. all over the world, both having good feedback from customers. 

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1. Do you have your own factory?

Yes, we have. Welcome to visit our factory.

2. What is the delivery time and do you have product in stock?

Delivery time depends on order quantity. Generally, within 10 days for open genset, 20 days for silent genset. We have some power capacities in stock, if need details, please contact us.

3. What is your warranty period?

Our warranty is 1 year or 1000running hours whichever comes first. But based on some special project, we can extended our warranty period.

4. Does your generator have global warranty?

Yes, We supply the warranty. Also most of our products like Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Deutz, Doosan, Yuchai, Weichai etc. power generator enjoy the global warranty service. And the alternator we use like Stamford and marathon also enjoy the global warranty service, so you do not need to worry about the after-sales service.

5. What is your payment terms?

We can accept T/T 30% in advance, and the balance 70% shall be paid before shipment or L/C at sight. But based on some special project and special order, we can do something on payment item.

6. Do you provide OEM service?

Yes, we can put your company logo on our diesel genset, just tell us your requirements, then we will do it for you. 

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2. Free training and consult

3. Guiding how to protect your equipment

4. We will set up clients' document, tracking service, regular inspection, maintenance for life

5. We offers pure perennial spare parts and maintenance engineers will be ready to provide.

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HGM9510N paralleled genset controller has GOV and AVR control function, which can synchronize and share load automatically to parallel with gensets equipped with HGM9510N controller. Controller can precisely monitor all running status of gensets, and when abnormal occasions occur, gensets can parallel off from the bus and stop, in which process, fault status will be displayed on the LCD. Controller has SAE J1939 port, and can communicate with various ECU (Engine Control Unit) with J1939. 

1. With ARM-based 32-bit SCM, high integration of hardware and more reliable;

2. 240x128 LCD with backlight, multilingual interface (including English, Chinese or other languages) which can be chosen on site, making commissioning convenient for factory personnel; 

3. Improved LCD wear-resistance and scratch resistance due to hard screen acrylic;

4. Silicon panel and pushbuttons for better operation in high/low temperature environment;

5. Two RS485 communication ports enable remote control, remote measuring, remote communication via MODBUS protocol;

6. Fitted with CANBUS port and can communicate with ECU equipped with J1939. Not only can you monitor frequently-used data (such as water temperature, oil pressure, engine speed, fuel consumption and so on) of ECU machine, but also control start, stop, raising speed and dropping speed via  CANBUS port; 

7. Suitable for 3-phase 4-wire, 3-phase 3-wire, single phase 2-wire, and 2-phase 3-wire systems with voltage 120/240V and frequency 50/60Hz;

8. Collects and shows 3-phase voltage of Bus/Gen, Bus/Gen frequency, Gen 3-phase current, Gen power and Gen voltage harmonic parameters;

9. For Bus, controller has loss of phase and reverse phase sequence detection functions; For generator, controller has over voltage, under voltage, over frequency, under frequency, high unbalanced voltage, high total harmonic distortion, over current, earth fault, high unbalanced current, low power factor, over power, reverse power, loss of excitation, loss of phase, reverse phase sequence detection functions;

10. Synchronization parameters: voltage difference between bus and gen, frequency difference between bus and gen, phase angle difference between bus and gen;

11. Multiple running modes in auto state: with load running, off load running, demand parallel running;

12. Ramp on and ramp off function in paralleling/splitting;

13. 3 fixed analogue sensor inputs (temperature, oil pressure and fuel level);

14. 2 configurable analogue sensor inputs can be set as sensors of temperature, oil pressure or level;

15. Oil pressure sensor and configurable sensor input 1 can directly connect with resistive/current/voltage sensors, while other sensor inputs can directly connect with resistive sensors, and for connecting voltage/current sensors, please make it clear before the order;

16. More kinds of curves of temperature, oil pressure, fuel level sensors can be used directly and users can define the sensor curves by themselves;

17. Precisely collect various engine parameters, including temperature, engine oil pressure, fuel level, speed, battery voltage, charger voltage, accumulated running time and accumulated start times etc.;

18. Control and protection function: automatic start/stop of the diesel genset, ATS (Auto Transfer Switch) control and perfect 2-class fault indication and protection function etc.;

19. Parameter setting function: parameters can be modified by users and stored in internal EEPROM memory, and cannot be lost even in case of power outage; most of them can be adjusted from the front panel of the controller and all of them can be modified on PC by RS485 ports;

20. Multiple crank disconnect conditions (speed, engine oil pressure, generator frequency) are optional;

21. Wide power supply range DC(8~35)V, suitable for different starting battery voltage environment;

22. Event log, real-time clock, scheduled start & stop function (allowing to start the genset once a day/week/month with load or not);

23. Alarm data record function, which allows to record the genset data of 5 alarms;

24. Accumulated run time of A and B and accumulated electric energy of A and B; Users can reset them and start afresh, providing convenience for users; 

25. Heater, cooler and fuel pump control functions;

26. Maintenance function; maintenance time due actions can be set; 

27. All parameters apply digital adjustment, getting rid of conventional analogue modulation with normal potentiometer, and improving genset reliability and stability;

28. IP65 waterproof level is achieved with the help of rubber-ring gasket between shell and control panel;

29. Metal fixing clips employed to fix the controller and make it perform better under high temperature environment;

30. Modular structure design, anti-flaming ABS plastic enclosure, pluggable terminal, built-in mounting,compact structure with easy installation;



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