3 Diagnostic Tools to Help You Maintain and Diagnose Generator Easily

Nov. 10, 2021

Diesel generators may often have problems with failures. This situation is unavoidable, especially when the system is aging. Therefore, some necessary diagnostic tools must be prepared at any time.


When there is a problem in the power system, technicians and technical engineers use various electrical or electronic diagnostic tools to deal with their faults at any time. Caliper ammeters, universal meters, and megohmmeters are the most commonly used functional fault diagnosis tools for diagnosing and repairing generators.


To learn more about these basic devices, here are some basic information about universal meters, clamp ammeters and megohmmeters.



The multimeter is a measuring instrument that can measure various electrical properties such as voltage, resistance, and current. This is one of the most common tools frequently used by power generation professionals and technical engineers.


This instrument is generally used to detect the open circuit, short circuit and grounding of the circuit. Nowadays, the universal meter has become a digital multi-function electronic test tool with various functions.

 Shangchai diesel generator

When using a universal meter to deal with a generator's fault problem, it can be used to measure values such as voltage, ohms, and amperes. Some of the more advanced universal meters can even read other readings, such as frequency and capacitance.


To test the resistance of the generator with a multimeter, the wire and coil circuit must be cut to get an accurate resistance reading. In addition, the output voltage test of the generator is done without an isolation circuit. In order to carry out the amperage test, the circuit is usually passed through a multimeter.


Clamp ammeter

The caliper ammeter, also known as the clamp meter, is a device that uses a wide jaw to clamp on the outside of an electrical conductor to give non-contact measurement.


Multiple characteristics such as resistance, continuity, capacitance, and voltage can be measured. The caliper ammeter and universal meter have undergone many improvements in the past few years. Today's digital clamp ammeters can safely perform various precision measurements under different conditions.


Caliper ammeters are commonly used in industrial equipment, industrial controls, power systems, and commercial HVAC. Generally used for generator maintenance, handling installation problems, final circuit testing, regular maintenance and repair of other electromechanical systems, etc.



The Megger (MetaTable) is a special ohmmeter for measuring insulation resistance. Generally also called insulation resistance testing machine.


MetaTables are often used by professional technicians and technical engineers, because they provide a very simple and convenient method for judging the insulation status of wires, generators and motor coils.


As a diagnostic tool, the megohmmeter transmits high voltage and low amperage through wires or coils. The general rule is that insulating materials with a reading greater than 1 megohm are considered acceptable. If it shows that the stator winding insulation is invalid or damaged, the alternator must be replaced, or repairs are required, such as reinstallation or replacement of the generator.


Caliper ammeters, universal meters, and megohmmeters are the most basic tools to troubleshoot generators and other electromechanical systems. Whenever power generating set suddenly breaks down, these instruments are very convenient. They are also indispensable tools in the daily maintenance of equipment.


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